Top blogging apps to blog on mobile


Blogging apps to help you update and publish blog posts from your mobile.

Everytime checking your computer or laptop for seeing updates on your site or visiting your site for any changes takes time.

Or even many people want to start their blog on mobile phone and do all their blogging work on mobile phone.

So android applications make it very easy to blog on mobile for many people.

These are some of the best blogging apps:

1. Wordpress.

If you have your blog started on wordpress or want to start a blog on wordpress, you can install this app on your mobile and run your blog.

This app makes it for you to write a blog post from your mobile, you can even update your blog posts, see your blog analytics and comments from this app.

On this app you can only make some changes, there are things you cannot customise from this mobile app.

I will show you how to customise everything on your blog, just like your desktop, on your mobile phone.

2. Blogger.

This app is by google LLC and you can create a blog and make changes on your blog from this app.

If you want to start a blog on blogger, it is easy to start your blog by following the steps on this app.

You can publish and update your blog post from this app, it is totally free to create your blog on blogger.

You can write your post, save draft, manage others blogs, if you have two. You can make any change on your blog.

3. Tumblr. 

You can create your blog on Tumblr and write about your interest and post on your blog from your mobile.


It is like a social media site which allows you to write content on topics you are interested in and post.

You can also join communities and discuss your topic. You get followers for your blog and also this app is free to use.

You can share your thoughts, videos,gifs and pictures there, you can customise your blog’s font, colour and layout.

And also you can connect with people in your niche and have a chat with them, many people like you also share their thoughts on Tumblr.

4. Medium.

Install medium app and start your blog in a few minutes. It is a social-web app where you can write about your interests.

You can share your ideas on the topics and attract people. Over 170 million people write and read ideas there.

Experts and new people share Their thoughts here, you can write about your topic and connect with writers and other people.

You can grow your blog by attracting more readers through newsletters. They also have a paid plan where you get access to everything in Medium.

Their charges are $5/ month and $50 per year. You can also get your first month for free.

5. Squarespace.

Squarespace makes it easy for you to start and run your blog on your mobile.

You can do any changes you need to do from the squarespace app. You can write and publish your blog posts and design your blog from your mobile.

You can easily Create a beautiful website for your business, you can make any changes you want and design the website by your choice.

You can run email campaigns form this app and you can do it all with your mobile. You get 24/7 support, unlimited hosting and your website will be secured.

This app is not like other apps because it paid. You can try their 14 day free trial.

Their paid plan charges $12/month for personal plan, $18/month for business plan and $26/month for online store basic plan and $40/month for advanced store plan.

If any one of the plans is suitable for you then you start a blog on squarespace or you can choose any other free blogging platform.

How to use your blog on your phone without any appl?

You can use and make changes on your phone. May it be wordpress blog or blog made on any desktop platform.

You just have to open your browser, and turn on the desktop mode and now you can open your blog on your browser.

You can turn on the desktop mode on your browser by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right corner or down left corner, where the url is displayed.

Now you will be able to fully optimise your blog and make any changes on your mobile phone.


Start your website on any free Blogging platform or any paid platform and run your blog on your phone.

If you have a blog on any of these apps I mentioned you can download these apps from your app store.

If I have missed any on the usefulness blogging platform comment below.

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