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Writing best content is the main thing to grow your business or website, because it educates your customers.

So the more you attract readers the more customers you get. Writing the best content helps your rank higher and get more readers to your website.

But, is writing content your part? Do you know the strategies to write the best quality content used by the top content writers?

It is the simple formula to write the best content and it is very effective. If you are just beginning out to write content,

These strategies will save a lot of time and teach you the right way to write content.

The strategy used to write high quality content is called AIDA.

AIDA stands for:

A – Attention

                   I  – Interest

                  D – Desire

                  A – Action

So in order to write the best type of blog articles, you need to use this formula. 


You need to write irresistible headlines and meta descriptions to get the attention of your readers or customers.

Write magnetic headlines and pull your visitors in, because that is the only chance you have to get readers. 


What is interesting in your content? Write first about the interesting things written in your content.

Write some lines which inform them about the interesting content which you have written for your readers.


Fulfill the desire of the visitors. Write about everything that you have promised in your headline, and write everything for which the reader Is desired for.


What act do you want your readers to do? Keep a call to action at the bottom of every blog post.

This could be, comment below, sign up, read our new blog posts and any action which you want your readers to do.

The call to action should be useful to your readers, so that they trust you and accept your opinions.

Conclusion :

This content writing strategy is simple and easy, you can use this to write articles. Use this strategy and let us know if it worked for you.