Important apps for business bloggers.


If you are a blogger, then these apps are for you to grow your website or blog.

To do blogging is to do many works which helps you grow your blog, to make your work easy there lots of softwares out there.

Having a great profile on many social media is important to grow your blog on every platform out there.

The important softwares for bloggers are:

1. Canva.

I really know that this app is known to many people but this tool is really amazing and I didn’t want any of you to miss this tool.

This tool has a free option and it is very powerful to help you grow on your social media by creating the best posts to publish on the social media networks.

This tool has a variety of temples for you to choose one for your social media account, these templates are also good.

It doesn’t only have great temples but it is also very easy to customise, you can create your post any way you want.

This tool is also used by many entrepreneurs to create content for their social media.

If you need advanced tools, this tool also has a premium package for you to get access to a large number of photos and templates.

2. Google docs.

Google docs is very important for bloggers, this application helps you to write content for your blog.

This tool has many features to pre-write your article, with Title, H1,H2 and others. This tool has all the features to write your blog post.

Whenever a thought pop’s up in your mind, you can take a note on google docs and create different files for different words.

I use this tool by writing my content here first because it is easy to save half content and then continue anytime you want.

I write content and continue later, and it saves time in writing content, if I write content on wordpress and save it and then continue it takes me a lot of time.

Then I copy the content from the google docs and paste it in my wordpress blog when I want to publish the content on the web.

This app is free to use, you don’t have to pay anything, this app is bt google. After writing your content you can also save your content to your google drive.

This makes it easy for you to keep your content saved on your google drive and later when you want you can view your saved content.

3. Skype.

This software will help you a lot if you run a consulting business or want to talk to your clients, audience on call overseas.

The skype helps you to make a call with your clients online. You just need to create an skype account and connect with the person you want to call.

If you call Directly from your phone, it will charge you a lot of money, but skype is a free tool which makes it easy for you.

What is the best part of skype app?

Through this tool you can call anyone you want by sharing your Skype id, and none of your personal information will be shared to them.

You can call your clients and do your work without much effort. You

can even have a conversation and video call on skype.

Use this app if you run your business overseas, this app will really help you to have a talk with your clients.

4. Pinterest.

This is the best application to market your blog and get visitors to your blog.

You can bring a good number of audience to your blog from this application,

On Pinterest people share their blog posts and you can also share your blog posts there.

People search the questions they want and read the blog posts related to their search.

This is not a social media software but Pinterest is more like a search engine, and you can grow on Pinterest as you do on search engines.

Many people on Pinterest with not much experience bring a lot of visitors to their website from Pinterest and earn $1000 per month.

How to grow on pinterest?

  1. Create pins consistently.
  2. Create boards and give them a great name.
  3. Create vertical pins.
  4. Create video pins.
  5. Write the best bio and username for your account.
  6. Put keywords related to your niche in your bio and pins.

create your Pinterest account and use this tips to grow your Pinterest account, this will help you bring more visitors to your website.

  1. Wordpress.

If your website is on WordPress you need to have wordpress app installed.

Because this app helps you to do your work on mobile easily, if you are travelling, or on the way to somewhere, you can do your work using the app.

If your blog is on Tumblr or blogger you can install them on your mobile too.

Installing these apps makes it easy for you to do your work on your mobile without any laptop or computer.


Install these apps on your mobile and make use of these important softwares.

If you are a blogger and have not installed these apps then you must try these apps because these apps will help you a lot.

If I have missed any app which is very useful for bloggers, comment below.