How to write the best headlines and increase visitors?

Headline is the first chance for you to attract visitors, if you take advantage of this chance it will be a little easier for you to take them to your email list or make them where you convert.

And this is where many people fail and their whole long written content which is useful and which solves great problems is of no use.

Writing a headline is not a tough work but it is not that easy as it looks like,

The page ranking high on the search engine gives a lot of importance to headlines and takes a lot of time to write headlines with tricks, which I will teach you.

Don’t think it’s a lot of hard work, once you know the tricks and how it is written you will be able to write headlines in just a few minutes.

Do you know how long the headline should be? Which headlines get more clicks?

Let me teach you to write a good headline that will get more clicks for your website.

Some tricks and ways you can write the best headlines.

How long should your headline be? 

You need your headline to be read by people, right? For that you need to make that headline short for them to be readable quickly.

 Because many people just read the headline quickly and click on the one which is good.

So the most high ranking headline which ranks on first and page consists of 8 words in it and many clicks because people just click the one which comes first.

And you need to be there because the website ranking on the first page is trusted by most of the people and they are worth ranking first. 

So, if you can rank on the first page then you can convert your readers into your customers and enhance your authority.

Is it good to include numbers in your headlines?

If you include numbers in your headline the viewer gets a little idea that there is this amount of value in your article.

For example: if you search for ways to earn online and the top 2 headlines are 10 best ways to earn online and ways to earn online.

 Which one would you choose to click on? And would like to read all the ways? The one which includes numbers in it, right?  

Why, because you know you will get to know 10 ways to earn money online

The shorter headlines are easier to read and are seen in the search results, so it is good to write short headlines but it should include everything you need to say,

When you write the headline which is long, the end words are not displayed and viewers can’t see the headline before clicking the headline, so they just skip that and see the shorter one.

The headline including odd numbers gets more clicks then the headline including even.

So the headline which includes odd number like 34 will get more clicks then the headline including even number 30, 

Because odd numbers looks accurate and also makes us think that the written content will be true and it is written with experience, 

because who will write 88.8 just if it came in their mind? They write Because it is true information that’s why the number is exact and this is one thing that makes it get more clicks.

What should your headline include?

Ok see, your headline must not just a sentence from your content, it should give perfect information

About what the reader is going to read after they click.

It should be filled with information that it should be irresistible and the reader should click the headline.

(remember you should provide the value which you have written in your headline, if you write anything which is not in your content it could harm your authority and will leave readers unsatisfied)


You need to write the features or about the information present in the content.

Example: The headline is how to lose weight in 30 days , by this you will know that the headline will help you lose weight in 30 days, 

The feature is you lose weight and you know this is what you will know after reading the content.

If you have many features, it’s best to write the number of features or to mention the features which are best and more usable.

Suppose you write about an email tool, which has 5 features in it, then you can write the headline 1) Best email auto responder for sending easy sequence email.

In this the main feature is mentioned that the auto responder is easy for making sequence and it is the best,

 this is a good way to write headline and again the headline you should write should provide the true value

Again if you write content and which has more features then you can adapt a headline like 2) 37 ways to be fit.

You are addressing them that you have mentioned 37 ways to be fit l, this catches the viewer with the number, the higher quantity will attract them.


Everyone sees benefits right? Whenever someone searches for anything they always see what are the benefits they are going to get.

And when there is a good benefit which is useful for the viewer, the reader will always click the headline to read more and also get the benefits.

You can write about how to lose weight in 30 days, it is good that the user sees the benefits that they will lose the weight in 30 days, 

that makes them feel to know more about your content and they want to get benefits from the content you provide.

Also, you can attract the viewers by quantity, 21 benefits of orange, that’s a good number and many people would be interested in it and would see your content.

There is a best saying, Features tell and benefits sell, so, you need to include these 2 in your headlines if possible.

What type of words do you need to include in your headlines? 

You need to include words which are understandable by everyone and the words should not be too long.

You should include words which are easy to pronounce, and short, so that they can read it easily. 

If the viewer cannot understand what you have written or if they cannot pronounce it easily or if you have written long words then, 

the viewers will just skip your headline and choose to read other content even if you have written the content with hard work and it is worthy, the headline should also be given importance.

Do not include unnecessary symbols and punctuations.

Do not use symbols and punctuations which don’t improve your headline, because symbols won’t suit a good headline.

You can use symbols like question mark, exclamation mark, and which are needed and are important, you must never skip them because they are very much important and make the sentence perfect.

What is the work of the headline?

Your headline should demonstrate your content, you don’t need to always write about what is inside.

If you write a headline that addresses everything present in your content, the viewer will get the information from your headline, why would they like to read your content?

Example: someone searches on their browser, ways to lose weight, they just want to know the ways, not a single way.

The best ways to lose weight in 30days 

Lose weight by running and skipping rope

Which one is best? If first one then I think you understand what I want you to know.

The first headline doesn’t provide the ways, it keeps them inside the content and the viewer starts willing to click on the headline.

The human physiological nature is such that they want to know about everything they are restricted of,

If they are said don’t go there, they go because they want to know what is in the place, same as best ways to lose weight in 30 days,

they will be willing to see what is inside by seeing the benefits, and the thing is your content is free , if they want what you have written and it is free, why would they not read your content, they will.

How can you make your headline work well?

You just need to write your headline differently from the others and also your content should be different from other content there and must provide value.

You should stand out of the crowd and must provide value which the seahers don’t find out there.

Your headline should be like diamond in the coal out there, and everyone out there would choose the diamond(you) if they are smart to know the difference between diamond and coal.

Do you know by writing the year in your headlines you can improve its effectiveness.

Not every Content you write is evergreen, some content is written for a period of time.

Like: If someone search for new cars in 2020, they will search new cars, so if you have the content and headline written best cars to buy in 2020,

then they will choose your content upon others because everyone follows the trend and wants to know about what’s new.

You can update the content when there is an update in the daily life and change the content and headline and make the content suitable for the year you are updating.

You should write the year if it suits the situation and your content, it will get you more readers then the headline which doesn’t include the year.

It should be attractive

It should be attractive if possible, so that the viewer gets attracted to your headline and reads your content and so on.

Attractive headlines can also include features and benefits, you can include words like special, best, latest, free, and other words to attract readers.

The word you chose to write in your headline should also match your content,

If you write the best shoes in 2020, then your content should be only about best shoes in 2020 not about any shoes and also they should be of 2020.

For headlines to be attractive you need to write attractive words, not fancy, and then when people find something attractive they just want to know more about it. 

The language you write your headline should match the language of your target audience.

You can use keyword research tools to know what language your targeted audience uses while searching for specific terms.

You can know the language of a country you target by keyword research tools.

You can also search those terms on pinterest, youtube, tweeter, Facebook, and other social media where your targeted audience hang.

Just see the search results and see the related searches to get some more ideas, quora and reddit are also good to check for.

Points you need to remember while writing headlines.

Whatever you write in your headline must totally relate to your content.

If you write any features, benefits or if you promise anything in your headline, then your content needs to contain those features, benefits and should fulfill the promise completely.

What if you don’t fulfill what you write in your headline?.

That could be worse than you think, because if you write something false in your headline then you will decrease your authority.

And if there is no trust between you and the audience, why will they buy your products, or why will they purchase anything from you?

How do you react when you won’t get what is said or promised? The same is with the readers, they too feel the same when the content doesn’t include features, benefits or promise.

So just be honest, and build trust between your audience, and if you are successful, and they trust becomes stronger,

 then your audience will purchase your products, courses and others, without thinking much about anything.

That’s where you will make money or fulfill your goal, and along the way you will also provide unlimited amount of value to the readers and solve their problems with solutions

Do not copy headlines out there.

You don’t need to copy exactly the headlines out there because you need to be a little different.

There are also such situations that you think the same headline and that is out there, in such situations you can write same headlines, there nothing much wrong about that,

But it is good to be little different, and if you write the same headline make some changes, I am saying this because there are situation that your headlines matches others headline 


Headlines containing 8 words are high ranking

Should include numbers, odds are good

Should include features and benefits

Don’t use unnecessary symbols, use if Necessary.

Use short and words which are pronounced easily.

Your headline must demonstrate your content.

Your headline should be different from others there.

Mention year for which the content is written if necessary Write attractive words like free, best, new and others if suitable.

Your headline should match the content you write and build trust.Do not copy the headline out there, if you can make your ow

First write some headlines and Choose which one you like, take little time for the headline and just put it out, you also don’t need to take hours to choose headlines.

You can do it all right only if you practice writing headlines, after some days headlines won’t be the issue for you, if you have read this article.