How to write quality content which converts more sales (2021)

The content is the heart of your blog, writing content which attracts a lot of readers and converts is an important thing.

If you write good quality content, you can build authority and build trust with your readers and make money by selling courses and achieve your goal,

You can achieve this because you are trusted by your readers because of your quality blog post, so writing a quality post is very much Important.

Do you also feel like you make a lot of effort but still you don’t get much readers and you can achieve what you want.

wait, it’s not you alone, many people make a lot of efforts but fail because of some mistakes and wrong understanding about content.

If you once understand the way of writing the quality content, then later on you won’t spend much time on writing and will get more readers,

Only readers are not what you want right? You need more sales, so for this you need to write content in a way that the readers get attracted with your content.

How to write content which converts more sales?

Content length.

Your content length is important for you to attract readers and convert them into your email subscribers and then buyers.

The content length between 500 to 2000 words is considered best, and the content less than 500 words has a very low chance to rank.

You need to write content which is long and totally explained, in 500 words you can’t explain about a single topic totally,

If you write short content, you make the reader remain unsatisfied and he would search for other blog posts, so to attract your readers,

You need to write content which is explained in detail and must be nearly 2000 words.

Don’t just try to complete 2000 words, if you can explain everything in 500 words, then it’s ok to write the content with 500 words, if it’s worth your content will rank for that.

And yes your content should be worth, if you follow.

Just write everything you know about the topic you know, your tricks, tips, secrets, and everything and don’t worry if the content is 500 words or 5000 words just write it in detail.

You need to provide as much value you can, so that the readers get attracted to your high quality blog.

Explain what you write

Many people searching on search engines don’t have much knowledge about the thing, so explain what you are writing properly.

You may feel that you know everything, but not everyone, so to make them read your content totally till end, they need to know exactly what you are talking about.

And also, the google web needs to understand what your content is about, if you explain briefly, then google will help your content to rank for the keyword which is suitable for your content.

Explain everything you write about, if necessary and make it easier to understand to your targeted audience.

Write an irresistible headline

This is the first important thing in your content, without this your content can remain unseen by many.

So just spend a little time writing headlines which come to your mind, write 10 to 15 headlines and then choose one.

You need to test headlines, to know which headline is best, you can test on tweeter, and other social media apps,

If you write a headline which is irresistible and which fulfills every benefit and promise written in your headline then you can build authority and gain loyal readers reading all your blog posts.

Do Keyword research

You need to speak the language of the targeted audience so that they can understand your content.

You need to know what your target audience is searching for, the content you write should include words the target audience is speaking.

Many people do keyword stuffing to rank high, but it won’t work only by stuffing keywords, you need to write quality content to rank high

You can use free tools to search keywords or use tools like semrush, uber suggest and ahrefs keyword to know what your target audience is searching for.

You can also check how does your website work and how can you make it better with suggestions from keyword tools

You need to include words which you want to get ranked for and which your audience use, and you can also use words similar to your keyword.

Your keyword density should be 2.5,. You need to mention 2 to 3 keywords per 100 words, you should remember that you are not stuffing keywords everywhere,

Because it looks like you are spamming and google will see your blog as spam and won’t rank you high.

What’s Interesting in your content?

If you write quality content which is lengthy, then it would look like a whole lot to read and many readers would skip your content.

You need to write a paragraph containing 4 lines to 5 lines, not the big one which looks too hard to read.

Do you like hearing lectures? No right? That’s what the content written in big paragraphs looks like and it is boring to read.

You also need to write interesting Content, so that you keep them on your page and give them value while also not making them bored to read.

How to make your content interesting?

• Tell Stories in your content

You can write stories which best suit what you are writing and make them feel good to read.

This will not only make them feel good to read but it will also help them to understand better about your topic.

• Add some Images in your content.

Image speaks a whole lot then the words can, and also images are attractive and can attract readers with also information including in them.

You can put images related to your topic and address some information to your readers, by adding tags related to the image.

• Add Videos in your content.

Many people don’t like written content, some also like videos to watch.

You can add videos and make your blog more attractive and easy for people to consume your content.

• You need to have an end goal.

You need to write about the goal of your article, if you need to make them a purchase of your course or click your link,

you need to clearly address them that this is your link and they need to click that.

Many people don’t understand that you are writing about this affiliate product or this purchase if you say them indirectly.

To make them to know that you have mentioned affiliate link just you can write my affiliate link in the brackets

Organize Giveaways.

You need to open up what you know, you need to write everything you know about the topic and fill the content as much as possible.

You should write in such a way that the reader should never be half informed or feel unsatisfied.

If you don’t know much about the topic, first learn about the topic as much as you can and them write everything you learned

Make sure what you write should boe true and what you write follow all the guidelines of Google and won’t harm your blog or the readers blog

Build Authority in your niche

Write in a way which builds authority and trust between you and your audience.

You need to write content in a way that you look like an expert about the topic, not only look, if you think you don’t know much about the topic, spends a lot of time to learn

And be an expert in that topic, so that you will help you build authority which is very important for you.

If you are known as authority, then people will trust you because they know you provide a lot of value to them.

They will purchase your courses and products because they know you are an authority and will provide courses which are worth and which add value to them.

To be an authority in your niche, you need to write content in a very professional way, and you need to be a expert,

It doesn’t mean that if you don’t know much about the topic you should not write, it’s just that if you need to know everything you have written in your topic, nothing much.

And yes after writing a lot of content, you can become an expert in your niche, just start with as much you know and start upgrading as you learn new things.

Add links in your content.

Add links to blogs. You can add any links which suits in that paragraph and also helps the readers

You can add affiliate link, link to your other blog, link to others blogs, link to websites, link to anything you want them to visit after or while reading your content.

Adding affiliate link to your website not only helps you to make more backlinks and earn from affiliate links, but it also helps the reader.

When you add links in your articles to the place where it suits, then the readers will easily click on your link and open the link.

Otherwise they need to open the browser and type the name you have entered and all stuff, it’s good to add links not only that it will benefit you but it will also help the readers and save their precious time.

Choose a specific Font and colour for your blog.

You need to make your style of writing, like the size of your words, and to add colour to your sentences.

You need to underline your links or anything you need to underline. You need to highlight words which you want readers to notice.

You need to write headline size and normal size which is best suitable, you need to add colour to your headlines if necessary.

And also adjust size and add colour to sentences and words which is best suitable.

Don’t add many types of colour in your articles, you need to have your unique style, just choose only one colour, it can be used to highlight your word, your links, your headlines.

Also keep your size proper, your all headline 2 size should be the same, your headline 3 size should be the same and your normal writing word size should be the same.

Remember you should not keep on Changing your style of writing on one Article to another, all your content should be written in a same style,

the people reading your content need to understand that this is your content only by reading your content.

Write content which your readers want.

Write content which your readers are looking for and not the one which you know about.

You need to know what your targeted audience is searching for and then write about it, it can be the product, the method and anything which helps the reader.

If you write anything which your readers are not searching for then you may end up without achieving your goal.

So write about a topic your readers are searching for because they will search for it and they may make a purchase from your blog, because they are searching for it because they want to buy it.

Content must have a clear Call to action

You need to have your call to action at the end of your content, because that’s what will take them to the page where they will make a purchase or anything that you want.

Always keep your call to action open and direct with copywriting tricks which highlight the features and benefits.

Write a call to action which is related to the topic you write, and which your targeted audience is likely to know more about.

Take time and think about the words you write in your call to action, you have made your readers come till the end and don’t want them to leave at the last end. Hope that won’t happen.


•Your content length should be near 2000 words from 500 words.

•You need to explain everything you write.

•Spend some time writing headlines.

•Use the right keyword in your blog.

•Make your content interesting by telling stories and using video and images.

•Giveaway everything you know.

•Build authority in your niche.

•Add links on yours and others blogs.

•Use a specific font and colour on your blog.

•Write content which people are searching for.

•Keep your call to action for your readers at the end.

If you have any questions, leave down in the comments.

Have a good day.

– Abhishek gaur