How to start a profitable blog – 2021(beginners guide).

start a profitable blog 2021

Do you want to start blogging or are you planning to start a blog, then yes this is the right time to start blogging.

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online and also to earn money from home. Are you planning to start a blog? Great.

With these easy guides you will be able to create your own website and start publishing content.

What is blogging?

Creating a website and writing blog posts to educate your readers and then growing it to make a profitable business is called blogging.

Blogging is the easiest way to earn money online, you can blog with a laptop and an internet connection from any corner of the world.

But let me not hide the truth, that blogging has many aspects to it and in order to earn money you need to learn them.

Learning them will take some time,  consistently doing your work and spending some time on it, you will get experienced and everything will become easy.

It feels like a lot of work at first when you are starting, but it will become easy as you consistently do your work. 

Start your blog in 7 steps.

  • Choose your niche

  • Choose your Hosting

  • Choose your domain name

  • Choose your website builder

  • Publish your First blog post

  • Grow your blog as business 

1. Choose your niche.

Choosing the best and perfect niche for you is very important because you will create content around the niche you select.

Once you select a niche you need to create content related to your niche, if your niche is health you need to create content around topics related to health.

If you create content related to yoga or any other than health, your site won’t rank for the content and you will lose your domain authority.

You need to attract only one type of audience, so, you need to create the type of content, which your audience wants.

Before starting you need to decide your niche. What is the one thing that you love doing? ( And which is profitable?)

If the niche you love and want to start a blog about is not profitable, Don’t worry I will make it profitable.

You need to choose a niche which you love, because after some time it feels boring or hard to blog on the niche which you are not interested in.

You can choose any niche and write about that. Yes really, any niche you like, you can also start a personal blog, health blog, and just anything which you can think about.

Just that if you want to do it for making money you need to do it with care and there must be a small number of people in need of your content.

Blogging is good and fun, you just need to work little at the beginning and then you need to do your work consistently. So you need to have interest in your niche.

You need to be an expert in your niche to grow your business.

This is the false sentence in many people’s mind, which someone told them, do you think it is true? It is totally false.

When I planned to start my blog, I had no knowledge about what to write about,

I started this blog, and while doing my Blogging work, I also learned the things which I didn’t know,

I experienced many things which I would have not not experienced if I had not started the blog.

If you don’t have expertise in your niche, do not worry, start your blog, do your blogging work, learn, implement it in your blog, then again learn and grow.

This is the best way to grow your knowledge in your niche, you can learn about your topics by reading blog posts related to your niche, taking an online course, consulting, or by yourself.

What about a profitable niche? Which is the most profitable niche? The one which you are interested in is the one which is the most profitable niche.

If you choose a niche you are not interested in, then you won’t like doing your work and it feels hard to do what we are not interested in.

And because you are not interested in it, you cannot do your work properly and it will not be profitable to you.

So choose a niche which you love and are interested in, because when you create content in which you have interest, you will do your work with full energy and it will be very profitable to you.

What are the types of trending niches?












Choose one which you like even if I didn’t mention here, choose the niche which you want to blog about, and start blogging.

Even further, if you choose a micro niche it will be easy for you to grow because you don’t need to focus on everything in your niche. You just need to focus on your micro niche.

What are micro niches?

  1. Health:
  • Gym
  • Healthy food
  • Weight gain and weight loss.
  1. Sports:
  • Running
  • Football
  • Basketball
  1. Entertainment:
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Cartoons
  1. Education:
  • Written information
  • Courses.
  • Universities
  1. Travelling
  • Travelling location.
  • Trip planner
  • Journey advice

Now, you know what a micro niche is, right?  Now see how micro niche is easy to blog about, if you cannot cover a large topic.

Example: You have a health blog, so you need to cover everything from healthy food to how to lose weight. Even better if you can choose micro niche healthy foods.

Only you have to write about healthy food and You can grow in that niche easily. As the micro niche doesn’t take a lot of content.

You can choose a niche or a micro niche depending on your knowledge and expertise, choose the niche which you are comfortable with and interested in.

Now did you choose your niche?

If you want to know if your niche is profitable, Check if your niche has all these qualities.

  • On demand niche.
  • People are in need for your content and products.
  • It will also be in demand in future.
  • It has products or services to sell.
  • You have Interest in that niche.

2. Choose the best hosting provider.

Choosing the best hosting provider is very important because  the best hosting provider improves your site speed.

And your site is managed by the hosting provider. Hosting providers also improve your site server connection, so that your site is not off.

Security of your website is a very important thing, so the best hosting keeps your website secure.

Not only improves site connection and site speed, it affects your website in many ways,

There are many hosting services out there But the best one is Bluehost. The pricing is not too high and the service is too good.

I have selected Bluehost for you, by looking at features, pricing and experience on Bluehost, and I found it perfect for your website.

Bluehost hosts over 2 million websites and the support team is also always on. It is one of the top hosting providers.

We recommend you to use Bluehost for your blog/business. Some of the other good hostinger providers are siteground and hostinger.

Don’t try any other hosting providers because they are not too good and their price is also high compared to their features. Try hostinger if you need a cheap one, it is also a good one for beginners

Now click here to start with Bluehost and let us start your website in a few minutes.

Now get started. You will be taken to the homepage of the website. 

  • Click on the get started button (as shown in the above image).

  • Choose the best plan for you, I would recommend you to choose the Basic plan if you are just starting out and if you want it for only one website.

You can choose the other plan based on your needs, you also get an extra discount if you choose the 36 months plan.

Choose the one you are comfortable with.


3. Choose a domain name for your website.


What is a domain name? 

Domain name is an address for your website. Like people ask your home address to get to you. Same domain name is an address for your website.

Whenever a person types your domain name on the search bar of any Search engine, it will take them to your website.

So, this is very important right? Because your address is all they have? Then how will they know what your niche is?

So, you need to give them some signal about your niche, what I mean is to include something in your domain name which indicates your niche.

It is not necessary but if it is possible you should.

You can Choose any name which you like for your domain. Like it should not have any meaning if you think it’s going to become a large brand.

Look at google what does that mean? Don’t think about it. But still without meaning it is a big company.

That is what I mean, you can choose any domain name.

Something you need to know before choosing your domain name.

Choose your domain name which is easy to remember, because whenever someone visits your website and if he wants to visit again he should remember your domain name.

Keep your domain name short.

Your domain cannot be remembered if it is too big and it will also not be displayed on screen fully.

Keeping your domain name long doesn’t even look good, that is why most of the businesses spend a lot of money to buy the domain name.

• Do not add any numbers or Quotation marks in your domain name.

Adding quotation marks in your domain name is of no use, because it is a name not any question or sentence.

Adding such marks are not necessarily, many domain names don’t include numbers because it is not relevant.

You can add quotation and numbers if it is necessary, if it looks good and if they are important then you can put them in your name.

• Keep it simple.

Don’t add words which are not necessary, keep it short, simple and easy. As it looks better, appear good on the search result and easy to remember.

Also if you add words which are not relevant to your niche, it confuses your readers, about what service or value you provide

Don’t keep on searching for your domain name for a long time.I am telling you to choose your domain name wisely, because you can’t change it later.

But the domain name does not affect much when your blog becomes popular. It is to make it good for your readers.

And readers are what matters. So choose a good name quickly in a few minutes and Don’t get stuck on that.

Now, you have chosen your domain name.

You will see a page, enter the domain name you have chosen and also select the domain extension you want.

What is domain extension?

To put it in a simple way, the .com, .in, .co and .edu are some of the examples of domain extension.

And also affects your site ranking and helps you to attract the audience you want.

Why do you need to have a right domain extension?

Right domain extension is necessary because every domain extension has their own benefits.

Like domain is for commercial, . 

edu is for education, .in is for India and .org is for organization.

If you have a website in india and your website domain is then, because your domain extension is .uk you will attract Audience from uk.

And search engines will also rank you for UK people because search engines will know, you want to target the audience from uk based on your extension

So, choose a good and right domain extension.



Fill up all the basic information correctly,

Select the domain privacy + protection to hide your personal information.

Then, choose the package you want, 12 months, 24 months or 36months, which one do you like to choose?


Check the Bluehost’s terms box and click on the submit button.


You will land on the Bluehost C panel, 

4. Choose your website builder.

Website builder, website builder helps you to create Website,

Have you ever heard of, wordpress,, shopify or go daddy?

With the help of the website builder you can create a beautiful website for your business.

We will start with wordpress.

Why wordpress?

Because 40 percent of the websites are built on wordpress, yes wordpress is the world’s largest Web developing company.

It is simple to create a website on wordpress and it is very beginner friendly, you can easily start with wordpress without any knowledge of any code.

Lots of people start their blogs on wordpress and grow because wordpress is very simple and easy to use.

Wordpress is used to build any kind of Website, may it be for e-commerce, blogs, small businesses or large businesses.

And do you know? That you can start a website for free on wordpress, yes you won’t pay anything to WordPress.


You will see an option to install wordpress on your Bluehost C panel.

Click on the install button and install wordpress, create a new wordpress account by entering your email and new password.

This password will be used to log in to your WordPress Website.

You will be landed on this wordpress dashboard after creating a wordpress account.

Wow, you successfully created your website/blog.

All these things may look unknown to you, right? But when you spend little time on the dashboard you will understand everything easily.

Wordpress is very simple but because you are a beginner you may need some time to know about it.

5. Publish your first blog post.

On your WordPress dashboard on the left side click on the posts option and then select add new.

Then write the best Headline for your first blog post.

Write some content related to your headline.

Just write anything that you want to write, the best topic to write is to write about your story, or write about your business.

Write some paragraphs about you or your business, and check if everything is correct,

Choose the perfect keyword correctly.

Choose the perfect keyword for your content, target a keyword which your target audience search for,

Take use of some best keyword research tools and find keywords related to your blog post and put them in your content,

Target only on one keyword phrase and also target some related keywords in your blog post.

And do not stuff keywords everywhere, just put keywords only where necessary and try to write the best content. Then,

Set a featured image for your post, install Yoast seo and type your targeted keywords, your slug, add a short and best description.

Check if yoast seo suggestions and improve your content, you should have 8 green marks and click publish button on the top right corner,

Congrats, you published a new blog post successful that is great.

So how easy wordpress is? As you spend some time on wordpress you will know everything about wordpress.

6. Grow your blog as a business.

Now your website is ready and now you need to grow your website, you need to rank your website higher on search engines to appear in front of your target audience.

To increase your blog traffic, you need to start publishing the best content out, this helps you get organic traffic directly from search engines.

Here comes seo.

Optimize your blog for seo.

Seo is very important to rank your site on first page of the search engines,

If you rank on the first page of search engine you will get a lot of traffic and that will help you reach your goal

To get organic traffic all you need to is proper seo for your website,

You need to write the quality blog posts, and attract your visitors and help them achieve their goal,

Publish content consistently, once a week, once a month or whenever which suits your business and niche but keep ks consistent.

Install best and free plugins important for your new blog, example install yoast seo(free) and get suggestions of the errors and mistakes and correct them to optimise your website for seo.

Start email marketing.

Start email marketing and turn your readers into your email subscribers,

Email marketing is above all, What that means is email marketing converts more sales then social media of any other.

Email marketing is very impactful, send your email list your new blog posts and the majority of the people will read your blog post.

Email subscribers can help you to reach your goal, because they sign up to your email list to know more about your services and content.

Choose one of the best email marketing tools and start collecting emails right from the starting.

Start social media marketing.

Create social media accounts for your business may it be instagram, Facebook, linkedin, tweeter, youtube.

Start publishing content over there and get visitors to your site, by this google will increase your site authority as your site is getting traffic from other media.

Slowly learn about other things about growing your business and reach your goal and apply them to your blog.

Try all the ways to attract readers to your website and then find the best ways to make money blogging and earn a great living.


So, now as you have started your blog and saved your time because if you didn’t start now you would have wasted a lot of time, like many are wasting right now.

Now started a blog, start growing your blog and do your work consistently,

You will face some obstacles but don’t stop there and continue your work this will lead your business to achieve success.

If I have missed anything or forgot to cover any topic, let me know in the comments below.