Best strategy to grow your blog traffic.

Getting a massive amount of traffic to your blog is important to get more sales, attract more readers and rank high.

The blog gets a ton of traffic, also gets a lot of readers and lots of customers.

If you have a new blog, you might not get thousands of visitors per month.

Sometimes, It might look impossible to get traffic to your blog, but don’t give up.

While starting when your blog is new google won’t rank you high, but when later after 6,7 months when google recognise your blog, then it gives you traffic depending on your seo and other metrics.

What should you do to grow your traffic fast?

Even if you are a 1 year old blog and you don’t have the proper seo and other metrics, then still you won’t get traffic.

I will show you how you can grow your blog traffic by showing you the right ways to improve your seo and correcting some mistakes for free.

1. Publish high quality content on your website.

Writing quality blog posts which attracts readers and makes readers share your blog posts with their friends and family.

Then when he shares your blog post to them through any social media, and when someone visits through that share.

Google records a signal that people from other social platforms are visiting your website and by looking at that google gives your website a boost.

Getting more shares to your blog posts indicates to Google that you are have something of value on your blog and

That helps Google understand the content which is valuable and help that content rank high in the search results.

Quality content has a lot of things to do with your Ranking and growing your blog traffic.

High quality content attracts readers on your site, which then makes readers visit your site again and again. Which also increases the time spent on your website.

Writing the best quality content is the best way to grow your blog traffic and if you blog is new you must check the quality of your content.

2. Improve your loading website speed.

Have you ever searched for breakfast to prepare in a few minutes? And then the site takes a lot of time to load and then you open another Website?

Did you just understand that This could even happen with your visitors and they would visit another site.

If your page loads in 2 seconds then it is good but if your page loads in 1 second then this is best. What if your page takes 3-5 seconds to lead?

Improve your page speed right now, What can be the reason to slow down your page loading speed?

Optimise your images, create cached files, clear unnecessary css and js, change your hosting provider or do whatever which is needed.

Check what is the reason that slow your page speed, on pingdom , google speed insights, or any other seo tool and improve your page loading time.

Install free plugins or make the changes which are important and uninstall unnecessary plugins and that will help load your page faster.

3. Customise your website design and fonts.

Do you know? There are a lot of Websites which I have visited and they look totally messed up with a untidy look having different fonts and colors on their page.

It is very tough to find their pages and uncomfortable to read their content. so,

Having your website a primary font and secondary font is necessary. Having the same size of headline, paragraph and sub heads on every page is also important.

Having one colour for one link and another color for another link makes the reader confused about which is the exact link, it also looks totally messed up.

Also keeping the font size of Headline, paragraph and sub heads different makes it look weird.

So by having the correct and best color suitable for your blog and keeping the font size the same on every page, gives your website and blog posts a professional look.

Even do you know the most popular Websites with a lot of readers, their site is clear and simple and you can use the site easily.

The reason it is important to look at fonts and colours is when the site has unnecessary colours, it makes the look uncomfortable for the reader to read and the reader moves on to another Website.

So, by keeping an eye on your fonts and Website design and color also matter a lot to attract more readers, which then helps you grow your blog.

4. Guest posting.

For a new site or a site with low number of domain authority the chances are low to get ranked based on their domain authority.

To increase domain authority you need to build authority by building links from high authority sites and creating cornerstone content

which attracts a lot of readers.

So, when you write a guest post to a website/ blog with high authority, then when you link back to your website, then the readers from that site visits your sites and which increases your traffic.

When Google finds that you have a link from a website which has a high domain, Google increases your domain authority.

With that you also bring visitors to site and grow your domain authority,

by growing your domain authority google displays your content/blog posts high on search engines, as the content is from high authority site (your blog/site).

It also helps you build relationships with the other website and their team, which further helps you do business with them.

Want to write a guest post? 

Here are quick steps.

  1. Head over to keyword tools like ubersuggest and put in your competitors url or Website in your niche.
  2. Look at the website Linking back to their website.
  3. Find their email on linkedin or other social media.
  4. E-mail them that you want to write a guest post.
  5. Write a post if approved.

100 out of 40 will not even read your emails and only 10% will get approved, if you are a new blog or website then less number of websites would accept guest posts.

Try to reach more Websites and start growing your blog and build a healthy relationship.

5. Seo optimise your website.

Many websites get a lot of traffic and the majority of the traffic comes from Search engines.

Getting organic traffic to your site is the best way to drive and grow your website.

To get organic traffic your website or blog should be properly seo optimized. There are a lot of algorithms of google seo.

And google decides to rank you higher on search engines looking at many number of factors. Looking at all the factors at a time is not that easy.

Try to work on the important ones and then slowly cover other factors which are important to get organic traffic.

To seo optimise your site, first focus on the factors like, get more backlinks, having inbound link in your content, having the proper site speed,

Targeting proper keywords, including keywords in your content in a good percent.

So this by doing some simple changes and focusing on some parts at starting you can start getting organic traffic.

Tip: If you are a beginner install Yoast seo on your blog, it will help you in some ways to improve your seo in their free plan.

6. Drive traffic from social media to your blog.

Social media also helps you get traffic to your blog. Having a high and engaging social media profile is very important.

If you are a starting blog/business, start doing social media marketing side by side. As, if you put any post or updates on social media, you will get a ton response on that.

Many people and the majority of the young ones are very active on social media, and so your targeted audience also should be on social media.

The posts and tweets on social media get a lot of retweets and shares. which also helps you get your content seen by the other people who are not aware of your business/blog.

As you build a great following on social media and when you get a good number of traffic from social media, google ranks you higher, because of traffic from other social networks.

It helps you boost your site ranking, which ranks you and also gets you more visitors.

If you have not started social media marketing, just start it now, and make people aware of your business or blog.

Many people like video content, create a YouTube channel and upload videos in your channel and also put them in your blog posts.

While starting, keeping focus on such platforms helps you rank higher, as YouTube is also on Google. It also satisfies the readers with your video, who likes to watch video content.

Many people just like getting information through videos and they don’t read much articles and written content.

By this the people only hanging around video content on YouTube will also know about your business/ blog and you can make them aware of your services there.

7. Post consistently.

Writing best quality posts and publishing them consistently will help you get traffic.

When you keep posting blog posts consistently on your website, the first thing is, your post gets viewed by more people than before.

And then also you get readers coming to your site again and again as there is more Content.

Second, when you get some readers and when there are a good number of blogs on your website,

The posts are being viewed by google and if the quality of your blog posts is good, your posts get ranking high and get more traffic.

Consistently posting gets your website organic traffic which further helps you to grow your domains authority and also to rank your other blogs high.

Write the good number of blog posts depending on your niche, make sure to check the quality of the content.

A lot of websites post many posts per week but they don’t rank because of the quality of the post.

If you keep on posting low quality blog posts, you won’t organic traffic and you won’t even rank high. The quality of yoh content matters a lot.


  • Publish quality content.
  • Improve your website loading speed.
  • Customise your website fonts      and size.
  • Guest posting.
  • Seo optimise your site.
  • Drive traffic from social media.
  • Post consistently.

Apply these tips to grow your traffic and comment below if I have missed something.