How to do simple seo for your blog.


Do simple seo for your blog and grow your blog by getting organic traffic.

There are many types of SEO like on page seo, off page seo ,technical seo and others.

Many people do seo wrong and the basic simple seo is done wrong. They cannot do other difficult seo, it is okay, but bloggers should do at least basic seo.

People are just focusing on backlinks and keyword stuffing to get ranked on search engines but they need to cover small seo factors first.

If you cover simple seo factors and do them correctly then you will see a good change in your blog traffic within some days.

Start doing these simple seo correctly for your blog because all these things add up and decide your ranking on search results.

Some of the simple seo factors for are:

1. Write headlines for your blog post correctly.

Write headlines which are irresistible and also seo friendly, add your keyword in your headlines.

Your blog post title will make people understand what your blog is about and what they will get from your blog post.

So, by writing a great headline you can bring more visitors to your blog and convert them into your recurring readers.

Also google robots read your headlines and see what your blog post id about and it should be related to your content or else your article may not rank on search engines.

And also by writing a good headline and getting more clicks to it, search engines rank your blog posts higher because more number of people are clicking on your blog headline.

So try keeping your headline simple and write your headline for both your readers and search engines.

2. Your blog post’s permalink also matters.

Your permalink should also be in the right way, many of them just don’t focus on it and their permalink looks ugly.

Your permalink should be in the way you want it to be and in my opinion you should write your permalink the same as your headline.

You can put your keywords in your link, and it is good to put your headline in permalink, because whenever someone shares your blog post.

The link will be displayed and the link will address the reader about the content on your blog. And it looks good, then having a link like xys-h-hm-227.

The google robot also scans your permalink, so it should also inform the robot what your content is about.

So keeping your link simple and which has your targeted keyword in it makes it easier for search engines to understand what your article is about.

3. Write the perfect meta description.

Your meta description is displayed under your headline on the search engines.

It makes the reader know what your content is about, and gives an idea of what you have written.

People read meta descriptions and headlines at the first, and if both are good and interest readers then they click on it.

You need to write your meta description interesting and address them, what is inside your content.

Put your keywords or keyword synonyms in your meta description, making robots to understand your content in every possible way, is important.

Your content should not look too bad with fully stuffed keywords, but you need to add a keyword where it makes sense.

Put some keyphrases in your description and make it good for both robots and your readers and keep the length depending on your content.

Keep it 155 under characters that can be seen on search results or else some text will not be seen.

4. Write alt text for image in the blog post.

Write alt text which will make the robots understand what the image on your blog is about.

Also google takes an account of this thing, to understand your blog totally. If your image is not for any useful purpose, then you can leave the alt text empty.

By understanding your image, search engines rank your images in the image section, when someone searches for the query related to the keyword.

So if you put an image which is useful and you want your image to be known by google and then add alt text to that image.

5. Add keywords in your content correctly.

Add the keyphrase or their synonyms in your content, where it is useful.

Don’t add too many keywords in your blog posts but add some which are useful and add meaning to the sentence.

And if you think this technique is dead, then you are wrong, it is still an important factor which is alive and google gives it importance.

The thing is before there were only a few things google considered to rank high and keyword stuffing was easy and done by many.

Still it is a useful factor but there are many more, so you need to keep account of small things, In order to create a high impact.

So before the blogs would rank only by keyword stuffing and now your ranking is based on many factors.

Add keywords or keyword synonyms for which you want to rank for, take help of some best keyword research tools and get some good keyword ideas.

6. Add backlinks to your blog post.

Keeping your reader on your website will attract him to your website and make him come again to your website.

Either he will sign up your email list or however if your readers read your content then there is a chance they will want to read your blog content again.

And as they spend a lot of time on your blog, google will rank your content high because they spend time on your content because it is worth.

So keeping your readers on your blog helps you a lot. So you can add backlinks to some of your top, recent or related blog posts.

And also think about your readers, they will also be benefited by reading your content.

Add relevant links in your content and highlight your link, so that readers understand that you have added the link.

7. Add images in your content.

Add images in your content which helps your readers to know your content better.

Image speaks a thousand words, you should add interesting and relevant images in your content, which keeps the reader on the page.

And by adding images in your content, google takes an account of it and alls adds up this thing while ranking your blog.

Why images, because sometimes readers can’t under what you are talking about, example you want them to install an app, so if you add an image,

then your readers can install the app you are talking about, or else your readers may get confused and install another app, because there are many other duplicates out there.

In some situations like this, images do a good job and help your readers to understand your content better.

8. Add some outbound links.l

Add some links to sites which you mention in your content or add links to some good quality content which helps your reader with best information.

This will also help the other site owners because their content gets one more link.

Having an outbound link is also one of the important factors in google algorithm, and it is also easy and good to add outbound links.

And the other site owner also gets some traffic. Add some relevant links, if not then add at least one link.


  1. Write perfect headlines.
  2. Add proper permalink.
  3. Write the perfect meta description.
  4. Write alt text for images in the blog post.
  5. Add keywords in your content.
  6. Add backlinks to your blog post.
  7. Add images in your content.
  8. Add some outbound links.

Apply these easy things in your content and see if they make any change in your Ranking.