Convertkit VS MailChimp- choose the best tool for your business.


Email marketing helps your business to connect with your customers and keep them updated.

Do you use email marketing for your business? Or are you thinking of using email marketing for your business.

You must try it out if you are not using emails for business because email marketing converts more sales then any other marketing.

And many customers like to get the latest updates about the things they like and purchase.

So if email marketing is very effective and also converts a lot of sales, then you need to choose an best email marketing tool which is best for your business.

Today I will help you choose the best email marketing tool between MailChimp and convertkit.

It’s a little difficult to choose between these 2 tools because these both tools are good but I will help choose the good one for your business.


Convertkit email marketing software is very easy to use and it has a lot of features and you can use it all without much knowledge about it.

I personally use convertkit to send emails to my email list. It works very well.

Convert kit is designed for creators and bloggers, this doesn’t mean it is not for you. If your business wants the features convertkit offers then this tool is for your business.

You get lots of features which are enough to run a business.They have a good email automation feature which works well.

You can choose their free plan which includes some features which are good for startup business, it is free for upto 1000 subscribers.

If you have experience and run a big business then you can choose the paid plan which suits your business.

There are 3 plans, one is free, second is creator and the third is creator pro. You can see the comparison in the table below. 


Mailchimp is a good tool used by many businesses to grow their business with email marketing.

This email marketing tool has a lot of Features to grow your business like email automation, sign up forms, a/b testing, data analytics and many other features.

MailChimp offers a free plan which has a lot of good features for small businesses. You can use the MailChimp free plan till you have 2000 subscribers.

This tool offers a total of 4 plans: the free one, second essentials, third standard and the last premium.

The pricing is not too high and  the pricing is good with the features this software provides.

Convetkit and mailchimp comparison.

Convert kit.


•Convert kit is free for upto 1000 subscribers.

MailChimp is free for upto 2000 subscribers.

•This tool doesn’t include email automation in their free plan.

•This tool includes email automation features in their free plan.

•Easy to use for beginners.

•easy to use for anyone.

•It is mobile responsive.

•This tool is also mobile responsive.

•Allows e.commerce integration.

•Mailchimp also allows e.commerce integration. 

•The first plan starts at $29 per month.

•The first plan charges $10.41 for one month.

•You cannot install the convertkit app.

•You can install the mailchimp app.

•24/7 customer support.

•24/7customer support.

•for anyone or any Business which wants the features this software provides but specially for creators.

•for anyone and any business which wants MailChimp features, but specially for small businesses.


This both email marketing tools are best and they both have amazing features.

Only a few are here and there, but they both have features which are enough for your business.

I recommend you using convertkit, if you want to get the best experience and best options to grow your business.

With convertkit it is easy for you to grow your business with much effort and it is also easy to use, even beginners and use this tool easily.

If you want a tool with low rates then try using MailChimp, it too has great features and it is a good start for small business, you can use their free plan.

If you think I have missed any of the main features, please comment below.

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