Choose the best domain name for your business.


Choosing the best domain name is important for your blog. I will help you to choose the perfect domain name for your blog easily.

What is domain name?

Domain name is the address for your website/blog. Yes, if you want someone to invite in your house what do they ask for? Address, right?

So, your readers can easily find your blog with just your domain name. They can just type the domain name and then will land on your site.

So, it is important to have a good address, because it will be used by your customers and you want to provide them the best domain name.

I will show you the right way to choose the domain name, things to remember while choosing the domain name and some domain name generating tools.

Choose your domain name wisely.

Once you choose a domain name for your website then further you cannot change it.


Because once you choose a domain name and build your business a long number of people start knowing your brand with that Domain name.

If you try to change your domain name then when your business audience will try to search you on web they will not find your site and you will lose your customers m

How to choose a perfect domain for your website/blog.

Choose a short domain name.

Choose a short domain name because when your readers want to visit your site they can find your site easily.

You visitors may forget or get confused with your domain name if it is too long and may end up landing on another site.

• Your domain name should be simple.

Keep your domain name easy to pronounce and easy to remember, if you have a domain name which is unable to remember,

If your visitors want to find your site they may not find your site because they don’t know your domain name, you need to keep it easy and simple.

Don’t include any numbers or punctuations in your domain name.

Having punctuations and numbers in your domain name makes it look ugly, difficult to type and find the numbers and punctuations.

So, better to not include punctuations and numbers, if it is very important to have them in your domain, then you can. 

Choosing a domain indicating your niche.

Choose a domain name which indicates your niche, if you have a travel blog keep a name like worldtraveller.

The one who reads it immediately comes to know about your blog, that you blog on travelling.

Or else keep it unique. Having a unique name like google which means nothing is also good, it is simple and easy to remember.

• Choose a good domain name extension.

Choosing a good domain extension is also important, it is important for your business.

What are Domain extensions?

.com, .in, .edu, .net and all these are called domain extension which is important in representing your site and your site growth.

If you have an education based business then you can choose a domain name and extension like “”.

The “edu” extension is for education, so google will know that your website is based on education and you will rank for it.

Example: If you have a business in india and you want to target only indians then you can choose your domain name and extension like “”.

The “in”extension is for India, google will understand that your business is based in India and you will get your majority of visitors from india.

This helps you target an audience in a single country and field. Some of the common and popular extensions are .com(commercial, .net(network, .org(organization).

Best domain name generating tools.

  1. Nameboy.

Nameboy tool is a good tool which will help you get ideas about the domain name and will suggest you some domain names.

You just need to type 2 keywords related to your niche, and it will automatically display a list of domain names.

  1. Domain wheel.

Domain wheel is a best tool which generates some best domain names for your website, it doesn’t suggest not a long list but few related to the word you put in,

It also suggests you some random domain name, premium Domain name and some other names which sound like the word you put in.

  1. Lean domain search.

This domain name generating tool is amazing, it suggests you a long list of words related to the word you type in.

It generates thousands of domain names for you, don’t get confused with it.

  1. Shopify.

Shopify generates a good number of domain names which are simple and good names and you are likely to choose a domain name there.

How to choose the best name for a blog?

Which is the best blog name generator?

It is simple the best way to choose name for blog is to keep the domain name as your blog name,

If your domain name is “” then keep your blog name as yourname. As every large company does the same, it is best to choose the domain name as your blog name.

The best tools to generate blog names are the same : Nameboy, Domain wheel, Lean domain search, Shopify.


Having a best domain name for your business is important, but don’t waste too much time on it, because you also have important things to do.

Just think for a few minutes and find one good name, if you grow your business then whatever may be the name of your business people will see the value you provide.

Try to choose your domain name keeping these tips in mind.

  • Keep your domain name short.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Do not include punctuations and numbers ( you can if necessary)
  • Choosing a domain indicating your niche.
  • Choose a good domain extension.