Best way to market your business for free.

Best way to market your business for free.

If you are a business owner running a business online or offline, marketing your business is very important.

You have to market your business, may it be small businesses, blogs or large companies, you have to do marketing in order to spread awareness to the people.

When you have just started then you must do social media marketing and other marketings for your business.

Because your business is not known by many people and you have to make people aware of your business,

There must be a good number of people aware of your business and a good number of people dealing with your business.

Then later you can grow your business easily by spending money on your business marketing.

Market your business for free:

Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest is a great tool for you to Market your business for free, it is like a Search engine and social media mix.

You can get a lot of visitors to your blog or business website by growing your Pinterest account.

You can share photos, videos and gifs related to your business on Pinterest attract a large number of audience to your business.

How to grow your business with Pinterest marketing?

You have to create pins and put them on boards.

Pins are like photos or videos related to your business and boards are like categories. If you share a pin related to business you can add that pin to the business board.

If you share a pin related to Blogging you can add that pin to the board in the blogging category, it’s simple.

This is not all you have to do to grow your business on Pinterest but this is how you start.

Pinterest works on seo and you have to seo for your pins, how? 

You need to put your keywords in your headline and when you write description for your pins,

Write some synonyms of your keywords in your description. This helps people and Pinterest to know what type of content you post.

You can even put your keywords in your boards. And if you find some pins which are related to your business and are good, then pin them on your boards.

Doing this consistently for a month will show you a good number of results if you do this right.

Linkedin marketing.

Linkedin is a great app where you will find many people doing business and sharing things related to business.

You can create an account of your business on linkedin and make connections with the people in your niche, you can connect and message them.

By connecting with them, you will make them aware of your business and you can make business deals with your connection.

All people using linkedin are those people who run businesses and if you grow your linkedin account, your business will be seen by other business owners.

If your business is related to music, beauty, then you grow your business on instagram or Facebook, it is more likely to get viewers to your business.

How to grow on pinterest?

Create your posts which add value and connect with people in your niche.

Text people in your niche, comment on other people’s posts (comment which adds value to them), and be active on linkedin.

Post everyday something about your business, which makes people aware of your business and your work.


Grow your business with Quora, on quora people ask questions and share answers.

You can create your business profile and grow your account there, if you answer the questions of people who are asking Quora, then you can engage a large group of people.

And also some of the answers are shown on the search results of Search engines like google, you can help people by answering their questions and you can attract them to your business.

How to grow your business on Quora?

Answer the questions people are asking related to your business.

Your answer must help the people and satisfy the people who have the same question.

If your answer is very good then, you may get a lot of comments and likes, and if you get more likes and comments, your answer will be shown to many people and also can be shown on search engines.

If you get a lot of people reading your answers, then they may follow you and they will see all the things you share from your account.

You can join groups related to your business and answer the questions people are asking, answering their questions consistently will help engage a good number of audience.

YouTube marketing.

Start creating videos on youtube, create videos which say something about your products, services or your business.

You can create any video which gives information about your business, you can sell your products, as there are many people searching for all kinds of things.

YouTube marketing.

You need to create a good quality video content which is popular in your niche.

To rank on YouTube, you have to Focus on seo. You have to search the keyphrase which people are searching for by using any keyword research tool like, ahrefs or ubersuggest.

And then, you have created a good thumbnail for your content. You should also add some keywords in your description and in your title.

Write the best headline for your video, which makes viewers click on your video, and you can drive a lot of traffic from youtube.

Also make youtube short videos and collaborate with other people in your niche and grow your channel, you can also make an income from youtube.


Grow your business on every platform and post consistently, you have to put content consistently to keep your audience engaged.

Keep doing your work without any break, and you will see a good result for your business. If I have missed any best way to market your business, you can write down in comments.

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