Best niches to start a profitable blog (2021)

Best niches to start a profitable blog (2021)

Choose the best profitable niche for your blog and grow your blog to a profitable business.

Choosing a niche which is profitable is very important but you need to know which better suits you and which is the profitable niche in today’s world.

People start a blog choosing a niche which they think is profitable without researching the niche.

I am not going to tell you 100 niches or 45 niches for Blogging and ask you choose one, I am going to tell you 10 niches because I have chosen the most profitable niches for you.

The best niches to make money blogging.

1. Travelling.

This niche is very profitable and very amazing because you can write content and travel the world or the country you want.

A large number of people are travelling or want to travel the world, so there is no chance that this niche will be unprofitable in the future.

If you search on the internet there is a lot of information related to travelling, and every human being likes to travel, maybe you too love travelling.

There are people searching for information about their travel journey, searching for websites to book hotel, searching for things to take along when travelling,

Searching for the best places at location, the best restaurants and hotels near me, there are many questions people search related to travelling.

If you have friends or a group of people you can target a travelling niche, if you are a single person you can start a micro niche.

Like you can start a travelling blog on

  • Shares information about the location people want to visit.
  • Affiliate on the traveling products.
  • Website to book hotels and restaurants.
  • Finding the best places near the location.
  • Helping people to plan their journey

Did you get an idea about travelling blogs? Good.

2. Tech.

A lot of audience search for tech blogs, the technology is growing at a large speed and so is the urge of people.

Every person in the world uses technical products in their day to day life, people in large numbers are buying technical products.

Many well educated people search for information about the product on the internet before buying any product.

And people are not spending a little amount but thousands of dollars on one single product.

You can start a tech blog on

  • Reviewing the products.
  • Create an affiliate site for a specific types of products
  • Writing about the technology ( the future and how it works)

You can start a tech blog and write content around it in many ways, and you can easily earn money from affiliate marketing, promotion products and other ways.

As you know people are spending a lot of money on technical items and searching about them on the web, you can use this opportunity to make money from it.

You can provide affiliate links in your blog and some Percent of audience will purchase the product from your links and you will get commision on every sale you make.

Write the content which converts more sales. The technology is growing and it will grow more in future.

2. Health.

Every human has become health conscious today because of covid-19 or because of look and fitness.

Everyone  has started doing work out, eating healthy foods and many things for their health.

The reason? Some are scared after the covid-19, some want to be fit, some want to grow muscles and look good.

And they all are spending money on health, may it be medicine, healthy food, fitness training, workout equipment and all other stuff.

This indicates you have a good chance to make money if you start a blog in this niche.

On what health topics can you start your blog on?

You can start a health blog on:

  • Healthy food.
  • Fitness training.
  • Yoga.
  • Affiliate site on health products.
  • calisthenics.
  • Weight loss and weight gain coach.

These are only a few examples but there are a lot more things you can blog on under the  health niche.

You can sell affiliate products which will earn you a commission from $100 to $1000, health course for weight loss and weight gain and earn from $1000 to $3000.

Yoga programs for $100 to $500, and many ways you can earn money blogging.

4. Fashion.

Social media is growing in many platforms and the youngsters are creating many fashion trends.

Young people are sharing a lot of stuff about fashion and over the web and social media.

And they are buying accessories like watchs, clothing, shoes, bags and other fashionable items

To appear in a large image on social media many people are wearing clothes and fashionable items to click photos and shoot videos.

All these photos and videos are shooted only to grow on social media and create a fan base.

And there are many trends coming every week, for which they use different types of accessories to show off.

People are buying shoes which cost from $500 to $5000 which is a huge amount for some People.

You can start a fashion blog and grow your blog into a profitable business because this niche has a good number of audiences and people who buy a lot of stuff online.

So there is no doubt, if this niche is profitable or not.

You can start a fashion blog on.

  • Writing about the most trending clothes and accessories on the internet.
  • Affiliate blog on fashion items like, shoes, cloths, watches and glasses.
  • You can teach people to dress well and how to look fashionable.

The best thing is you can sell your products to both men and women, there are many items to sell.

You can earn from affiliate links, promoting other people, promotion brands and so on.

5. E-learning.

Many people want to quit their job and want to earn online, and a lot of people are working online.

So how did they get the online work? Through online learning, there are no places teaching how to make money online other than the internet.

What are the online jobs? Ecommerce, blogging, affiliate marketing, Seo, content writing.

Majority of the people making money from all these businesses learn on the internet, by buying a course or other things.

Not only people learn these things, they also learn about digital marketing, coding, graphic design, stock market, MBA and a lot.

Online education platforms like Udemy and Coursera provide a huge number of courses for people to learn.

Not only these courses, blogs and the internet are providing best coaching and consulting online.

You can start an e learning blog on

  • Creating online courses, podcasts and pdf and making money.
  • Sharing other peoples online courses.
  • Educating people online with your coaching and consulting.

You can here make money by providing affiliate links to online courses, ebooks, and other E learning things.

I have taken many courses that gave a lot of value to me, some were free and some were paid.

I still learn interesting things on the internet by taking some courses, the online learnings are valuable and very helpful.

6. Entertainment.

Entertainment Industry is growing too fast and also the people are loving every thing which is entertaining.

From children to old age people everyone wants entertainment, either it is movies, songs, videos, anything.

People are purchasing subscriptions to the apps only for entertainment.

People in the free time just go in search of entertainment. Their source entertainment can be audio, text, or videos.

Video is the only source which everyone prefers for entertainment and to just pass their time.

You can start a website on.

  • Movie reviews.
  • Song lyrics.
  • Writing stories.
  • Providing information about shows.

You can start an entertainment website on anything entertaining which has a lot of audience.

The people’s need for entertainment is in huge numbers, you can earn a lot of money by placing ads on your website.

You can even add affiliate links to app subscriptions like spotify and Netflix. Also you can earn money with other common things like promotion.

A lot of people have come to the internet from cinema and they spend money and time on entertainment.

There are many movies, shows, songs and entertaining things coming and also the people are searching for these things, so this niche will grow more in future.

7. Sports.

On the internet the huge number of searches for sports celebrities says a lot of things.

Large number of people follow sports celebrities on social media and search for them on the internet.

The craze for sports has been very high for a long time. Maybe it is cricket, football, or baseball.

Look here: 

Source: Torrens

The sports industry is growing and you can create a profitable blog on this niche.

And there are many types of sports, basketball, running, athletes, and you can find a long list of sports.

So you can target any type of content and you will get a lot content to write about.

You can start a sports blog on:

  • Writing about sports(cricket, football)
  • Selling products related to sports.
  • Become a sport coach.

You can earn money through affiliate links, coaching, ads and other things.

This niche is going to grow in the future, so you can create a profitable blog on a sports niche.

8. Beauty.

Beauty niche has a lot of money, if you don’t know about it then do you know Kylie Jenner?

She made billions of dollars with beauty products and not only Kylie Jenner, there are many entrepreneurs like her who earn a lot of money from Beauty products.

How do they earn so much?

They earn because there are a lot of people, especially womens buying beauty products and they spend all their money on makeup.

From small girls to aged womens spend a large part of their pocket money or salary to buy makeup kits and many things related to beauty.

They spend a lot of time on YouTube, instagram, Facebook, Pinterest looking for new makeup items and how to apply them.

There are many people on social media teaching people how to look good and selling many types of beauty products.

You can start a Beauty blog on:

  • Teaching people how to use makeup products.
  • Affiliate site for makeup.
  • Information about makeup products.

There are many ways you can earn money from Beauty blogs like promoting websites, promoting social media accounts on your blog, promoting products and much more.

But affiliate marketing is one of the common ways by which you can earn a good living from your blog.

This niche is very popular and is growing in the present time and the profit is also good in this niche.

9. Finance.

People want ways to save money, they want some amount of money with them in case something happens in future.

The covid-19 has hit many people and many people lost their jobs, they didn’t have saved money which helped them in pandemic.

So the people are trying to save money which they can use in their difficult situation in the future.

If you have any expertise in finance or if you are interested in finance you can start a blog on it.

You can start a financial blog on about.

  • Teaching people to use money wisely.
  • giving advice on investment.
  • teaching about specific investment.
  • Sharing news about finance.

There are many things to write about finance, and you can make a lot of money by becoming a coach and consulting people.

You can ask people a fee for consulting you for a period of time, and you can help them in anything like investment and you can get paid in Thousands of dollars if your work is valuable.

Everyone wants to save money and invest money at the right place. People are searching for ways they can save and invest money,

 And there many things to invest in like funds, stocks, bitcoin and all those things.

So there is a huge demand for this niche in today’s world and the want for financial education will grow further.

10. Self improvement.

A large number of people are struggling with their life and want a solution for their problem.

People to avoid problems they are taking temporary solutions like alcohol, entertainment, wasting time with useless things.

They want a permanent solution for their problems. Their problems are with the on going situations, unhealthy relationship with their parents, friends and partner.

A large number of people cannot get out with their psychological problems and take wrong steps.

Source: ourworldindata

A large number of people are taking wrong steps, their problem could be related to money, society, wrong relationships and others.

You can help them out with these problems. You just need to know that you are able to do the work.

Not only these, you can also help people without problems, there are people who want to just grow themselves and make themselves better.

There are people who don’t have any relationship problems and still want to make their relationship better.

You can help them with their problems or questions and make money for yourself.

You can start a money making self improvement blog on.

  • Giving relationship advice.
  • Giving tips about overcoming their situations.
  • Writing about self development
  • Showing them what they can do when they go through a specific kind of situation.

You can make money by becoming a consultant and asking them to pay for consulting you.

You can get a large amount of money through consulting people. You can earn thousands of dollars per month.

You can give your service for free to those who are not capable of paying the price and ask them for a written feedback or video feedback

This will help you to grow in your niche, and will give you a chance to help more people.

Whatever may happen the human problems will not go away for everyone, the one or the other will go through problems.

Those who cannot handle the problem and will want someone to help them.

And many people try to improve themselves to face situations in their life.

Any type of person wants help to improve themselves, and in future also they will want someone to help them, so there is profit and help in this niche.


Choose a niche which is profitable and which you are interested in. Think for a few minutes about what makes you happy and start a profitable new blog on that niche.

Even if you are not an expert in any niche and want to blog on that niche, you can learn about that niche and blog on that niche both together.

If the niche you are interested in is not mentioned in this article, then write an email to me by signing up the email list and I will help you to choose the niche with good payings.