E-mail is essential for any business which wants to grow and make sales. Choosing right email marketing is very different from many tools out there.

To find the best fit email marketing tool for your business needs a lot of research. It has many to suit many things like, features, budget, support, functioning, policy and more.

But here you will be able to find the best tools for email marketing, read and choose which best suits your business.

The tools mentioned below are tools having good features, good free plans and with good pricing. The tools choosed are better than the high pricing tools.

There are many tools out there with great features but they try to charge fees basis on emails rather than subscribers example sendinblue

Best email marketing tools chosen for you.

  • Convert kit.

  • MailChimp.

  • Mailerlite.

  • Sendinblue.

  • Active campaign.

  • Aweber.

  • Constant contact.

  • Hubspot.

  • Sender.

Best email marketing software.


Convertkit is one among the best email marketing tools out there with easy to use, beginner friendly and with best features.


Convert kit has the best features for email marketing even in their free plan.

Some of the best features are: Unlimited landing page, unlimited sales page, unlimited sign up forms, analytics report, basic support and few others.


Convert is the best email tool and easy to use, beginner friendly But it doesn’t have automation email sequence which is the main con in convert kit.

But still for small businesses the tool is good and even those who are starting out they can also use this tool.

This tool is best for  professional bloggers, artists and creators as the founder of this tool has designed this tool for them. And it has all the features which are needed for them.


Free plan: upto 1000 subscribers you can use it for free as long as you can. With many features which are good for business having 1000 subscribers.

Middle plan: it charges $29 for 1000 subscribers in their creator plan, and this plan has good features for any business which is one year old, because it includes all the important features.

Standard plan: this creator pro plan charges $59 for 1000 subscribers which includes all their features and it has everything needed for bloggers, artists and creators.

Email marketing service for small businesses.


MailChimp is a very good email marketing software tool used by a large number of people, as it is budget friendly and has many great features.


MailChimp has quite a good number of features. Some of which includes, site analytics, basic templates, landing pages, shoppable landing pages,pop up forms and classic automation.

Their paid plan includes useful features like, behaviour based automation series, all pre-built templates, remove MailChimp footer, download design, deliver by time zone and A/B testing


MailChimp is best for those who are starting out, its free plan is good for small businesses. MailChimp email marketing tool is for developers, freelancers, agencies and small businesses.

It’s free is missing some of the useful features like A/B testing and download designs but it has many features which are enough. Its pricing is also good, if we see features, it is worth it.


Free plan: The free package has all the basic tools to grow your business. Upto 2,000 subscribers  and 10,000 emails per month and 2,000 emails per day, daily limit.

Medium plan: The medium plan charges $10.45/month for 500 subscribers and 10x monthly sent limit(for 500 subscribers it is 5000 emails). It is a good plan if 10x emails are enough, if not then don’t go for this plan.

Standard plan: MailChimp recommended plan is for all who are on the way growing their Audience. It costs $15.61 for 500 subscribers and 12x emails( 6000 mails for 500).

This pack includes many features, the one who are starting out can also use this and those growing their Audience can also purchase this pack as it has some necessary features.

Premium plan: This plan has all the features which MailChimp offers. If you are having many subscribers then this is for you.

This plan costs $312.23/month for 10,000 subscribers and 15x emails per month (150,000 mails for 10,000 subscribers.) This plan is for those who are running big business and making  a lot of money.

Best email marketing tool for free.

Mailer lite.

This is  the best email marketing tool with 1,102,045 users. It is an easy to drag and drop tool, it is also mobile responsive.

The pricing best fits with the features they offer in their plan, they have very fast support, it is the 5th fastest growing SaaS (software as a service) business.


Mailer has many features, even in their free Plan. You free video tutorials, email support 24×7 which helps you a lot if you are stuck, drag and drop editor, Mobile friendly email newsletters,

landing pages, pop up forms, email automation, is free and that is the best feature of mailerlite, a/b testing, surveys, email campaign report, and many other features.


Mailerlite is the best plan providing a lot of features, it also has great features even in their free plan, and this email marketing software is for anyone who is starting out and one who is growing.

But with lots of features it has some restrictions like you should not share content related to, gambling, affiliate links, and some others. And if they don’t approve your website then you can’t log try again with the same email address.

It is a good email provider, if you agree with their terms and conditions, It is suitable for anyone or any business suitable who are happy with the terms and conditions of mailer lite.

You can read their terms and conditions here.


Free plan: The mailer lite free plan has upto 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Which includes a lot of features for the beginners.

Premium plan: This plan charges $10 for 1000 subscribers and has unlimited emails per month. This also includes many higher level features.

The business having a little experience can use this plan as they will also need the features included in this plan.

All in one marketing platform – sendinblue.

Sendinblue is a tool which has good features and many options. But the free features are somewhat not that perfect. Let’s see what is in their features and plans.


Email campaign, Mobile friendly email design, email marketing templates library, unlimited contacts, customizable sign up forms, email support are some features for free plan.

A/B testing, no sending limits, unlimited landing pages, advanced open and click stats, phone and chat support, are some of the useful features in their paid plan.


It is a good email marketing tool with quite good features, but honestly I don’t feel like everyone who needs a free email marketing service must use this.

Because there are not many features on their free plan, and they have their free plan only for only a month. If you like their features then you can use their paid plans.

They charge depending on the emails you send per month, not on your email subscribers.


Free plan: It is free for unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day, and it is only for one month. I don’t think anyone of you who wants a free marketing tool would choose this.

Lite plan: This plan charges $25 for 10,000 emails per month and there are some extra features added and all the free plan features.

Premium plan: This plan charges $65 for 20,000 emails per month, and it has almost all the features needed for growing your business.

Enterprise plan: You need to get in contact with the sendinblue team, This is for any business which needs all the sendinblue features and want to send a high number of email.

Best free email marketing company.

Active campaign.

This email automation tool has the best features for the Beginners and experts. It provides many features to make your subscribers experience better.


Some features that this email automation tool offers are marketing automation, lead capture forms, email autoresponder,

sales reporting, customer analytics and many (500+) email marketing templates, advanced performance reporting, task reporting and a lot of more features.

Review: This email Marketing provider has a lot of features compared to others, amazing features which will help you make more sales.

This email services for any Digital business, B2B business or ecommerce business. As there are many features you will not know how to use the features if you are a beginner.

They help you with tutorials and support to understand the features and how to use them to get more sales.


Free trial: Active campaign doesn’t have free plan but a free trial which offers all the features on Active campaign,

So that you can understand and know which features you need and which plan suits best for you and is active campaign for you.

Their free trial is of 14 days and you also ask for more 14 days by contacting them(they are not able to respond to every mail).

This does not have much free period but this tool has awesome features to grow a large business and even a start up.

Lite plan: This plan charges $9 A month for 500 contacts, and the features are too good with its price.

Plus plan: This plan charges $49 a month for 500 subscribers, it is all because it has a lot of features. For a growing company which needs features to convert more sales.

Professional plan: This plan is for professionals, maybe you are the one. For 500 subscribers $129, it’s for a site with a lot of visitors a month and surely the start up businesses don’t need this.

Enterprise plan: This plan is for large Businesses having a lot of customers and businesses which want the ultra features. It charges $229 per month for 500 subscribers.

One of the best free email marketing services.


This tool has good features to grow your business easily, it has all the necessary and normal features. And the pricing is also not too high.


It has good features like email automation, drag and drop email builder, HTML email, Thousands of professional images, can sell products and services with aweber ecommerce,

Variety of email marketing templates for your goals, video Landing page, send basic segments, sales tracking, free analytics, 24/7 chat, email phone support and all the normal other features.


This tool is good for ecommerce, for affiliates and for other businesses which want their features. This tool has a lot of features then you accepted right?

The pricing is also not too high and it is simple and easy to use email marketing tools with all the normal and good features, not too high features but the standard ones.


Free plan: Aweber free plan offers many features for the starting businesses. It is free for upto 500 subscribers.

Pro plan: This plan charges $16.15 for 500 subscribers and it has all the plans which aweber offers. This plan is good for a growing business.

Higher plan: If your business has 25,000+ subscribers then you can contact them for the higher plan. 

Simple email tool.

Constant contact.

This tool is a simple tool with many features, features which helps you to grow your business and engage with your readers.


Some of the interesting features are tracking and reporting, automated resend email to non opener, surveys, pool, online donation, learning resources and all the basic features you need.


This tool has a lot of good features which are suitable for ecommerce business, Non profits, online individuals and social marketer.

It has some good features for making money like, coupons, donation, surveys and polls to convert sales. The pricing is also good.


Free trial: You get a one month free trial, with the necessary features for you to grow your list.

Standard plan: The standard plan of constant contact charges $20 a month for 500 subscribers. With many features for starting businesses.

Pro plan: This plan has all the features that constant contact offers and charges $45 per month for 500 subscribers.

Hubspot email marketing.


It is one of the most popular email marketing tools out there with 95,000+ users and has many types of features. It has a free plan which you need to know.


Reporting dashboard, email tracking and notifications, meeting scheduling, calling, ticketing, ad management and other basic features for free.

Social media tools, lead magnet software, sales email template, free chatbot builder, free live chat software and marketing analytics are some other features in paid plans.


This email tool has a lot of advanced features for growing your list. But there are not many features in the free plan. You can add million subscribers in the plan,

but if you have 10,000 + subscribers you need to upgrade the plan because you will need the features of a paid plan.

This plan is for those who want a free email marketing tool and are okay with the hubspot email features. Or else there are many other tools offering 1000-2000 subscribers free for lifetime.

This tool for every business, the one starting ,the growing one and the others. It has a lot of features and plan but you need to choose wisely if that best fits your business.


Free plan: Hubspot’s free tool is free for upto million users, but the features are not many, the features are only for the Beginners and start ups.

Starter plan: This plan charges $45 per month for 1000 subscribers. It has all the basic features.

Professional plan: This plan charges $800 for 200 contacts and this plan includes some extra features.

Enterprise plan: This plan charges $3,200 for 10,000 subscribers and it has all the features which hubspot offers.

The top best email marketing software for free.


This tool has a lot of simple and ultra features in their plans, this email marketing tool doesn’t  a very high price.


The features you get are good in free plan, smart automation, high email delivery, good types of email templates, analytics and some more basic features.


This tool is best for starting businesses, and has great features in it. This tool charges less, if compared to all the other plans out there.


Free forever plan: The free plan has all the features which sender.net offers, it is good right? It is free for upto 2500 subscribers and you can send 15,000 emails per month.

Paid plan: The paid plan charges $47 for 20,000 subscribers and it has all the features which mailer lite provides.


These are the best email marketing tools out there, with free plans which includes good features.

I have given the features, the pricings and given my review on these email marketing tools, you can easily choose the best tool for you.

Choose the tool which suits best for your business and let me know which tool do you use or like the most and also comment if I have missed any best email marketing tool.