Best Free Blogging platforms for beginners in 2021.


Blogging has become more and more known by the people and many people want to start their own blog.

May it be a  personal blog, health blog or lifestyle blog. People want to start a blog in the niche which they are passionate about and are interested in

And as the number of bloggers are growing, the blogging sites are also growing and it is tough to find the best Blogging platform for a person with less experience.

I will help you to choose the best platforms out there which will help you to start a blog and make money.

The blogging sites to start a blog and make money.

Wix is a very popular website which helps you create a beautiful blog or online store.

It has over 160 million users and you get 100s of templates, you can create your professional website for free.

Review: This website builder is very easy to use, you can create and design your website(blog) the way you want.

This is one of the best free blogging platforms which helps you make money with blog, you will have your own web host for free.

But as there are many of these features, there are also some cons of this site.

Your domain name will appear as This makes your website look a little unprofessional.

There is a solution to this, which we will discuss below. This website displays unnecessary ads on your website, which are customised by and you cannot control them.

You get 500 mb storage on your free plan, which is very less if you want to grow your website.

You cannot add any online payment options in the free plan. If you are a beginner just focus on growing your site rather than focusing on Money.

In the free plan you cannot add google analytics to your site.


Free plan: This plan includes many good features, but there are also some cons. You can create a website on wix, if you are ok with the free features.

Combo: This plan charges$14 for one month with a custom domain, free domain for 1year, remove wix ads and free SSL certificate.

Business basic: This pack charges $24 for one month with secure online payments, free SSL certificate, free domain for one year and 20gb space.

For more plans click here.

Wordpress org is the best software to create apps, websites and blogs. You can create a beautiful good looking and customisable blog on wordpress.

Wordpress is free and you can build a blog totally the way you and design the way you like.

Over 60 million people have chosen wordpress to create their blog.

Review: This software helps you to create a blog which you will love because you can create a very professional blog here.

Wordpress is mobile friendly, has a high security, Seo friendly, easily customisable. I bet you won’t regret using wordpress to build a blog for you.

It has many themes and plugins to grow your blog and help you in the blogging journey. The plugins are easy to use. Everything on WordPress is easy if you spend some time on it.

But one thing is you need to purchase a hosting for your blog.

Everything is very good on wordpress but you have to pay for hosting.

If you are able to purchase a hosting then use wordpress or else use some other, there are many.


This is the best free site to publish your blog post. You can write about what you’re interested in and can interact with new people.

You can run your medium blog from your phone by downloading the medium application from the app store.

You can post anything videos, images, text or gifs here. It is not totally like a Web, it is like a social media and a blog mix.

You can join groups and share your posts on medium. Many entrepreneurs share their thoughts here.

If you want a blog for sharing your thoughts and writing about yourself and just want to build business relationships with people then this tool is for you.

Review: Medium is totally free and you can create an account by just signing up by providing some information and in a few clicks you will have your account ready.

You don’t need to purchase any domain name or Hosting. There is no option to purchase domain name and Hosting.

You will only be able to share short articles on here and there is only one type of design for every blog. There is no different design of every blog.

This is just a tool to create influence, meet people and share your thoughts on any topic you are interested in.

I chose this blog building website because many of you create blogs and write about themselves and share their thoughts.

Instead it is good for you to share your thoughts without dealing with any seo or marketing and without spending any money.

About 520 million blogs are on medium. If you have any interest in writing short texts then you can also become a part of it.

Wordpress is the best website builder, this one is little different from wordpress org, see how.

This software helps you create websites/blogs for free. But this software has some limitations.

You have limited themes support , no plugins to help you run your website easily, free storage upto 3gb and they display their own ads.

You cannot display ads, and you only have subdomain, the domain is maintained by the software.

You cannot start an online store, and also there are limited seo controls, but their free plan has some extra features and are with less limitations.

Review: With all these limitations, this software is not good to use for free, because there are other great tools which help you to create a blog.

If you want to use the paid plan of wordpressdotcom then you can check the features and choose the plan wisely.

The paid plan is good and has many features and there are also very less limitations.


Personal: This plan charges $4 for one month with remove able wordpress ads, collect payments, best hosting and unlimited email support. If you are starting out, you can choose this plan.

Premium: This plan charges $8 for one month and includes all the features in person plan and also live chat support, earn ad revenue, premium themes,

upload videos and google analytics integration. This plan can be useful for someone who is starting out and wants features of this plan.

Business: This plan charges $25 for one month and includes all the features in premium plan and more than 50,000 plugins, advanced seo tools,

automated site backups and one click restore, SSH file transfer Protocol and Database access.

ecommerce: This plan charges $45 for one month and has all the features included in business plan plus, accepts payments from 60+ countries, integration with top shipping carriers,

Premium design options for online stores, this plan is specially for ecommerce Websites.


Blogger is one of the best free platforms to create a blog for you. Blogger is a platform to create blogs which is provided by google.

Many newbies who don’t have any budget start their blog on a blogger platform.

You get a free domain, and you can design your blog the way you want with the best templates, you can earn money by google adsense,

Google will display relevant ads on your blog and you can earn money by writing about your passion.

You can get to know about your audience by in-built analytics in blogger or by connecting google analytics.


You can start your blog on blogger easily because it is very easy to use and the platform is by google.

And the best thing is it is totally free, you don’t have to purchase any hosting or domain.

But there are also some limitations, you cannot have much flexibility in work and you will not be able to display your own ads.

You will not be able to change your hosting, and you have to pay for domain if you need a personal domain.


If any of the platforms provides domains like you can change it.

You need to buy a domain if the domain by the free platform you choose is not good, they provide domain names including their website name.

You can start a blog easily on these platforms and write about what you are passionate about.

But if you want to create a blog totally controlled by you and the way you want, you should start a blog on wordpress org.

You have to pay for the hosting and domains but you don’t have limitations, you can do whatever you need to do with your blog.

Blog created on wordpress org will have many tools to help you grow your blog and make money in many different ways.

On the other hand if you don’t have any budget and want to start a free blog depending on your needs you choose any one of the blogging platforms above.

Blogger platform by google is very google and wix is also a great website builder to create a blog for free.

Other platforms are also good if you are okay with the limitations and type of blog you can create.

If I have missed any of the best platforms to create a blog then let me know in the comments.

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