7 best free and important wordpress plugin in 2021

7 best free and important plugins will help you to make your website look better, load faster and much more.

If you are also running a wordpress website then you may have a lot of work to do and you might be spending hours and hours on your website.

These free WordPress plugins will save your time. And automatically do their work without you spending much time.


What are plugins?

To make you understand easily plugins are helping softwares which provides you some specific benefits.

They are like applications, like if you need a photo editor, you just download it from the app store.

Same with the plugins, if you need the best plugins to optimise seo then you download one and activate, if you need an anti spam plugin you download one and then activate it.

That means when you download plugins for anti spam and activate it your website will be safe from spam comments.

Or when you download plugins to optimise seo, you will find the corrections and ideas about how your content is working and what are the things you need to correct incase to optimise.

Do you struggle with seo? Does your website load slow? Do you get the insights of your website? Is your website performance good? These plugins would help you with these problems and also much more.

The best wordpress plugins you can need to have on your website are free to use and also chosen by me for you.

1. This is the best plugin for creating forms


This is the plugin which is easy and powerful to use. Wpforms is a drag and drop wordpress form builder.

You can see that it has a 5 star rating with many 4+ million active users, that’s a huge number of people using this plugin.

It allows you to create feedback forms, amazing contact forms, payment forms and other types of forms in a few minutes.

This plugin is beginner friendly m, so if you are a beginner then this might be easy for you. This plugin is mobile responsive which is also a great feature.

It also has features like creating surveys and polls. WPForms is one of the fastest WordPress contact form plugins.

2 Best plugin for WordPress security, growth, backup and speed.

Jetpack plugin.

This plugin is superb with 5+ million active installations and has a 4 star rating which is good.

This is the popular plugin which is made by the wordpress experts to make your WordPress site safer, faster and helps you to grow traffic on your website.

Jetpack site is easy to use and has 24/7 security which makes you free from thinking about spam and protection. It also has malware scanning features.

The main features this one of the best plugins has are it blocks spam protection and helps you protect from wordpress login attacks and auto update plugins for maintaining your site.

It helps to boost your site loading speed, shows you advanced site stats and analytics to understand your audience better.

It’s also has many other features like themes (professional themes), keeps the visitors on your site by showing them related posts,

It has a subscription to notify your readers when you post something new and you can build a contract form for free.

3. Best on wordpress for boosting side speed.

Litespeed cache.

As you can see this wordpress plugin has 1+ million active users and this plugin is rated 5 star, which means many users like this plugin.

You can optimise your image (Lossless/Lossy), minify css, javascript and html, minify inline javascript and also combine css and javascript.

It has a lazyload image feature.

Now you may think, what is a lazyload image? Lazyload image means when the reader visits your site images will load as the reader scroll.

If the reader is on the first part of the page it will load the images on that part. But when you don’t have this feature your site loads slowly because all your images are loaded at once.

It has browser cache support.

So, what is browser cache support?

It is simple when the reader visits your website your page will load Normally. But, when he will visit your page next time,

the browser will load the site quickly because the browser will keep the data loaded last time. It keeps the data for a period of time.

Is it safe? Many of the website users use this feature and the litespeed cache is a very powerful plugin, so this makes clear that it is safe.

It is easy to use for beginners and has automatic page caching which improves site performance.

4. How to make site SSL proof?

Really Simple SSL.

This plugin is free but for this you need an SSL certificate that will cost you a little amount, but it is worth it.

When your website has an SSL certificate, you can download this plugin. Really simple SSL automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https.

This plugin is lightweight and does not require a lot of space, as it has less options. You can enable SSL in one click.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate ensures that your website is secure. When you have the certificate enabled your URL change from http:// to https://.

When the user looks at your website’s URL he will know whether it is secure or not.

If your website URL starts with https then he will be sure that your website doesn’t have any risk and is secure.

If he feels secure then he will freely sign up your email list, fill up any forum, purchase products, or give his information.

Having an SSL certificate is necessary for a website which needs to make sales and want to build authority.

SSL certificate indicates positive signal about your website to google which helps your website to be known as safe and reputable. It can also affect your ranking

5. All in one wordpress plugin.

Site kit by google.

With 900,000+ active users and 4 star rating this app is awesome. It gives 4 services within the app.

The best plugin for advertisement

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most well known advertising platforms.

Over 2million people choose adsense. Google Adsense is easiest and best way to make money through placing ads on websites for beginners,

really you don’t need much knowledge, you just have to make a space for advertisement and add that space for advertisement, rest of the work will be done by google.

If you place ads from google they will show ads relevant to your audience and they will show ads which are useful and good.

There are also many other advertisement platforms which are good but there are many advertising platforms displaying ads which are either not related to the Audience or which are sensitive.

It is also free to sign up and it also has automated ads which scans your website and places ads where it will perform well.

It also has an automatic size adapting system, which will automatically adapt the size of the screen and place ads then more ads will be eligible on your screen which will lead to more revenue.

The best plugin for website analytics.

Google analytics.

Google analytics is one of the best and most popular analytics software. It gives an in depth details of the visitors on your website and it is totally free.

As it is the tool provided by google. It provides accurate data of your website which is very useful for your business to grow.

By using the data provided by google Analytics you can plan your strategy and and grow your audience which then helps you to grow your sales.

Google analytics tracks the activity on your website like page per session, bounce rate, how much the reader is on your page and some others.

By integrating the Google analytics with Google Adsense you can track the quality of the page quality and conversions on your page.

If you have an e-commerce website then it can track how much revenue you have made and other things which are useful for an ecommerce website.

All together it is the best to track your page insights, and know more about your page and readers. Google analytics is the best free WordPress plugin which is needed for a website.

Plugin to check your website performance

Google search console

Google search console helps you by showing you your website traffic performance.

It shows you all the data about how people visited your site, through direct link, through organic search or through social media.

It shows you the impressions on your website, clicks on your website, and unique visitors on your site. You can also load data for a specific page.

Further it also shows you the ways by which you can improve your site, which also improves your site speed.

It helps your website to be visible on mobile and in Ranking higher in the google search results. It also notifies you about the spam and other activities on your website.

Plugin to show your page speed insights.

Page speed insights.

Page speed insights is a great tool which shows you how much time your website takes to load on mobile and on desktop.

It also suggests to you, how you can improve your site speed. It suggests you to remove unused css, optimise images, remove unused javascript and others which slows your site speed.

It’s really a great plugin helpful to improve your site speed and which doesn’t cost any money and it is a tool of google.

It also shows how much time it takes to load your page after people click your page and shows you score about how stable the elements are on your page.

6. Best plugin for WordPress seo.

Yoast Seo.

Yoast seo is one of the best all in one seo plugin. Yoast seo has 5+ million active installations and has 5 star rating.

Yoast seo helps you to improve your WordPress seo and to write better content by showing you what your content is missing and what should be improved.

It is free to use and is easy for beginners to use. It helps you to rank higher in the search engines by making your site faster, better and stronger.

Many people by using the yoast seo have improved their site performance, and it is really easy to use.

It helps google to understand your Content on your site, by which google will understand where they need to rank your site and for what keyword they need to rank your site.

Yoast seo helps to improve your seo by asking you for focused keywords of your content, and helps to maintain keyword length.

It shows google preview, how your page looks on search page, how your meta description looks on google, you can also change your meta description on yoast seo.

It suggests you about seo by showing the mistakes and problems in your content.

Example: your have written a content then if you have installed and activated yoast seo, you will see a section below about your content seo,

It will check your meta description length, keyphrase density, internal links, outbound links, image alt, id your keyword in your first paragraph, single heading.

And some other suggestions which allows you to make you content better and allows you to rank your content high in the google search.

Yoast seo will help you to bring more visitors to your website organically and optimise your website in a better way that is why it is the best wordpress plugin for seo.

7. Best plugin for image optimization.

Compress JPEG & PNG images.

This plugin is good for reducing the size of the images on your website. There will be little change in the quality of image which isn’t seen from the human eye.

The plugin is very useful for compressing images which will help your site to load faster. This plugin has many active users and it is well rated.

This plugin has got lots of features:

  • It can automatically optimise new images when you upload.
  • It can also optimise image background.
  • It can resize the image and make images which are reasonable for browsers.
  • You can preserve image data like, location, creation data and metadata.
  • It has multiple site support with a single API key.
  • You can select the image thumbnail size which should be optimised.
  • You can even optimise and resize the images on your WordPress Mobile application.
  • It also supports compression of animated PNG.
  • It has easy bulk optimisation for your existing media library.

There are some other features and benefits which help you to optimise the images on your WordPress. One of the best things about this plugin is that it is very easy to understand and use.

The images on your WordPress are uploaded to TinyJPG or PNG service. The images are analysed to best optimization based on where the image is displayed.

Then your image is sent back to wordpress site and will replace the original image with a smaller size. The JPEG images are compressed by 40 to 60% and the PNG images are compressed by 50 to 80% without visible loss in quality.

The compression of the images are great and will save space on your WordPress and will help your website load faster for your visitors.

The plugin is easy to set up because it doesn’t have many things set up. And It has limited images for free which is good enough for many bloggers.

You can even upgrade the plugin and compress as many images you want. You can compress 500 images for free even if you don’t upgrade.


Each of the plugins mentioned here are safe, free and tested by me and are really worth to use. I suggested these plugins because they are necessary for websites and To add value to your website.

Install these plugins and see if they are valuable to you. Comment down if I have missed any best plugin and let me know your thoughts.