3 main seo factors to grow your website.


Focusing on seo factors to rank higher on the search engines, and to get organic traffic is what many websites want.

Many beginners make a mistake by not focusing on seo when they start, and then they realise seo is the important part.

When they start a website they only focus on fancy things or just keep publishing content, but they don’t do the important thing.

When I started my website, I knew that Seo is very important and from the beginning I focused on seo,

After 15 days my website started ranking on the first page of Google, without much effort.

I just installed the Yoast seo plugin, took some instructions from the plugin, applied some of the ideas I knew to my content and kept doing it.

Doing seo on every page of your website helps you to build a big number of audience and that loyal audience can help you achieve your goal.

There are many simple ways to improve your seo, but many people do not even do those simple things properly.

Now, I will tell the 3 main algorithms of google which are important to rank higher on the search engines.

Things to do to optimise your seo:

1. Add an SSL certificate to your website.

Do you know what an SSL stands for?

Secure socket layer. If any website has an SSL certificate it will display a lock icon, like this.

This icon indicates that the website is secure, this also helps your customers purchase any product or service from your website because it is secured.

There are many websites out there which are unsafe and fraudulent, nowadays the number of these types of websites are increasing and people focus more on security.

Do you know what google says?

The site with SSL certificate gets an extra boost in ranking on Google.

That is why you need to have an SSL certificate.

Why is an SSL certificate one of the main seo factors?

Search engines like Google want their users to see the best content from a secure site.

Search engines what their users experience to be safe and secure. SSL certificate makes the website secure

so, has a chance to rank higher than the Website without SSL certificate.

Buy an SSL certificate if you want to grow your business and have a large number of audience.

2. User intent.

This is one of the important factors to know if you want your content to rank on the top pages of search engines.

Many search engines focus on this algorithm to give the searchers the best experience by showing them the best page on search engines which matches the searchers intent.

What user intent means is when a person search on google for how to make coffee, the person wants to know, what all ingredients are required,

What is the process and how much time does it take? The content which fulfills all the requirements of the searcher and matches the user intent is ranked higher.

So, to fulfill the user intent, when you write the content and write it with keeping in mind what your audience wants.

Your headlines and content must match the user intent and mainly the keyword you target should also match the user intent.

One best thing you can do is go to google and search your keyword, then see all the pages which rank on the first page and once read their content,

Then scroll to the bottom and see some suggestions from google, then choose some keywords which match your content and your audience intent.

So, you read the top pages, now when you write get an idea of what pages rank high and write your content.

Also put in some of the key phrases which google suggest and some synonyms of your keywords.

Write the content and read it once to know if it matches the user intent, then edit and publish.

3. Keywords.

Keywords can help you rank your blog higher if you know how to use them properly into your content.

Many beginners just put keywords in paragraphs and headlines, even if there is no use of that keyword many people just put keywords anywhere they want.

And also there are experienced blogger/content writers who don’t know about how to use keywords correctly.

When you write content remember that you write keywords where they are necessary, this is important because writing keywords without any reason makes it difficult for your reader to read.

You need to put keywords in your headline 1, because it is very important to have your keyword at the starting of the page, when google checks your site the first line will describe your page.

The google robot will get confused if the headline is different and content is different.

Put some keyphrases and keyword synonyms in your paragraph, the number should be limited.

Put keywords in your page URL, this is also very important. Many bloggers publish blog posts with URLs which don’t have meaning and are too long.

Put keywords in your meta description, while writing meta description write your keyword somewhere in your first line,

The meta description appears in the google search results, and helps you to rank higher and get organic traffic.

Put Keyword or keyword synonyms in your first paragraph, putting keyword in your first paragraph is also known to be very useful.

Because the first paragraph describes your content, and google also gets a signal to rank you for that keyword.

Put keywords or keyword synonyms in these spaces only if you think it is necessary or else leave them.

By stuffing the keywords correctly you can get more visitors to your site by ranking higher.


Add an SSL certificate to your website and make your audience feel secure to click on any page and to make any payments.

Write your content while thinking of your audience needs and create content based on it.

Install plugins like yoast seo and rankmath seo to help you in optimising seo for your content.

These are some of the main factors which google consider while ranking your page higher, If I have missed anything please feelĀ  to comment below.