10 easy and best ways to make money blogging.

10easy and best ways to make money blogging will help you earn multi figure income from your blog.

Many people want to make money with their blog but only find few ways to make blogging and settle for less.

Don’t worry, I will show you the top 10 best ways to make money blogging, which are easy to put in work.

There are many ways to make money with your blog and you can use these to make money with your blog.

If you think that making money will take your lot of time, then you are right, but it’s worth it. If you put little time and effort then these can pay you for lifetime.

Anyways in these there are also ways which you just only need to set up once, without lots of work for you.

Top 10 easy and best ways to make money blogging are:

1. Google Adsense

It is the most common way to earn money, which is used by every beginner. And one of the easiest and simple way to make money blogging.

It is the best way to make money without doing lot of work, just you have to make a Google Adsense account,

Choose a little space on the blog where you need to display your ad or it will suggest you, then choose the ads you like or leave it in Google.

Then just copy paste the code from Google Adsense and your ad will be there, you don’t need to do it every time, if you want good will display ads on space automatically.

This is the easiest way to make some money, it won’t get you a lot of money quickly, it will depend on your site traffic, more the traffic, more money.

Note: There are certain rules to follow before applying for Google adsense, and also read the whole guidelines, so you won’t take any wrong action.

Later you can change to another ad networks like: buysellads.com and blogads.com

Some tips:

•Make sure ads are relevant to your audience. If your blog is about fitness, make sure they ads are not about any other things like : make money online,

I know you will not display those types of ads, but make sure you have chosen correct types and ads.

If the ads are relevant to blog readers, they may also click on the ads to know more. Why do you display ads?

To earn a few dollars right? Then this will help you to earn those dollars.

•They should not look creepy and the reader should not feel disgusted after seeing your page, display ads on places where it suits.

•Display ads at the beginning because when someone opens they see the ad and you get a view.

Display only if it looks good or atleast make sure readers won’t think that your site is low quality,

(Don’t lose your precious reputation for money), because If you have a good quality (looking) website,

you will have a good amount of reads, and they can earn you a lot of money. Also many of them will buy your many products. (Also some can buy all your products)

•Do not click on your own ads, or else Google may ban your adsense account, and all your money will be gone.

Remember to read their terms and policy, so you may not make any mistake unknowingly.

•Do check notifications from Google, they may mail you about warning, if you do any wrong things.

They may also send you some helpful things, which may be very helpful to you.

Let us know about affiliate marketing now.

2. Affiliate marketing

So, what is affiliate marketing?

Well, if you go to any affiliate network, make an account, choose a product, sell it to customers.

This means, you are doing affiliate marketing.

Selling things of other peoples to your customers for the commission is called affiliate marketing.

There are many popular affiliate networks like: clickbank, CJ affiliate, Amazon associates, shareasale, ebay partner network.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest and profitable way of making money online, many bloggers make a lot of income through affiliate marketing. Some products have recurring commission.

Affiliate network sites:

For digital products

If you want to do affiliate marketing by selling digital products like ebooks, softwares and anything which will be useful for your readers.


These are the best affiliate networking sites to sell digital products: clickbank, Amazon(ebooks and many) and shareasale.

For physical products

Also depending on your niche may be your audience need physical products

Then these are the best physical products network sites, Amazon associates, clickbank, commission junction.

Education products

Help your audience with best service available by providing them courses of other people,

Coursera and Udemy are my personal favourite, to learn new courses

If you have ever got value from any course and which may be helpful to your readers,

Then it’s best to share those courses with your readers and help them.

Know: sell the products which you have used personally, or try to use them first and then sell,

Because, you need to provide value to your audience, by helping them, with solutions to their problems.

Make sure the product you share, perfectly fits your audience, and it is worth buying,

Or else you may lose your precious and loyal readers and buyers for some money. If you don’t want to buy, then ask them for a free product.

And sell the products which have good commision, by the best and trusted seller. Make sure the seller is not the fake one.

Let’s move to another way which is too good and can make a lot of money.

3. Online courses

You can make an online course, in the niche you are expert in or at least you should have something valuable to teach others.

And which should help the buyers, by teaching them every necessary thing,

If you make a course which has much value but if some of the main aspects are missing then it may not give value to buyers.

By making a lot of effort and giving your time to it, you can earn a lot of money. It will take time but it will be worth your time.

Many people make a good income from online courses, like John Lee Duman makes $200,000+ per month by podcasts.

Good amount right? If you are a beginner, you can make good income,

If your course is good and contains all the information one needs then you can earn from $1000 to $10,000 and later on it can even go 100,000+.

If you work for a period of time and put in some effort, you can do it.

4. Sell books and e-books

This is also a good way to earn money, by writing a book, then convert it into ebooks. This is the easiest way but also a smart way of making money through blogs.

Then, you can sell both of them, to your audience, send them anyone they want book or ebook


•Make a list of your best blog posts and convert them into book, books, ebook or ebooks.

•If you don’t want to print books and transport, and if your audience is not likely to purchase physical books.

Make an ebook because it takes less time to deliver, it needs only a few seconds to download.

You can create an ebook, easily with your phone, or laptop, which costs you too less.

One more benefit is, you don’t have to print books and deliver it to them(which will cost you extra).

Note: don’t just put all your posts in ebooks, only take the posts which are valuable and worth to your readers.

Also, give them complete pack, don’t leave any part of the topic, because if they buy your ebook and then they won’t get all things,

They will find some other ebooks or search for the information, if you leave them without whole information.

They may start to buy from other people, this would affect your blog.

5. Sponsored posts

You will write content for someone, and share it on your page, and promote the other blog or website, and get paid for it

When you start out, you may not have a much traffic, and you may be not known by the people, to get sponsored post,

But,There are many people or companies who will come to you for promotion, if you have a few readers.

Same as the others, if you want to earn many, then you need to have a little readers, and there is no way to earn without readers,

And you can work hard and take your blog post to the first page of search engines, and then, many of them would come for promotion.

Buzz sumo can help you to rank high on search engines, by giving you data about others in your niche and show you what is wrong in your site.

It is easy to earn a good amount, just by doing this, if you have a good number of readers then, you can earn an easy income.

You can earn $100-$1000, depending on your website traffic, but at first charge less and grow as your traffic grows.

Things to know,

How many times a month will you post sponsored posts? What type of sponsored post will you Write?

Don’t make mistake by posting too many sponsored posts in a single month,

Your readers are very much important, then money, so skip posting many times,

If you post too many times then your readers might not feel good if the post is low quality,

And posting many times can also ruin your relationship with readers and also it can affect your authority.

So do this, Just post one sponsored post a month, and if necessary maximum two posts.

Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience. Don’t post anything which is not part of your niche.

You can do this, earn easy income, don’t struggle too much with this, you will get sponsored post as your traffic starts growing,

If you rank high on search engines, then you will find many opportunities.

6. Sponsored products.

This is simple, you just have to write about other people’s products and share it with your audience, and you will be paid for the promotion of the products.

This is easy but, why will people choose you to promote their products?

•To get a sponsored post, your earlier written post should be good and converting.

Which is good for readers and which are compelling, by this they the people who wants to promote their product will decide,

Whether they should promote their product on your side or not.

That’s not the one reason, your audience should mean alot to you, and if you write great content that helps your readers, it means you care for them.

•Improve your content, yes, this will help you to rank higher on search engines, and you will get many offers for promotion,

It would be easy for you to choose from many options and promote which is best suited for your readers.

How much will I get paid from a sponsored post?

It depends on the number of your audience and on your niche, and the one who wants to promote his product and the product.

If you have a good number of audience, you can earn a good amount and if you have a higher number of readers, then you will be paid a high amount.

Also it depends on your niche, it will not affect much, but in some niches you can earn high and some niches make little less

But that won’t make much difference.

It depends upon the one who wants to promote the product, because if he chose to spend only a specific amount of money then?

The amount could be less or high it depends on him.

And also if the product has higher margin then, you can ask for little high amount (not much high, that the person is not wanting to pay)

But, you still didn’t get how much you will make.

So, if you have less traffic, $100 is ok, if you have a good number of traffic, then $500-$1000, and as your traffic grows, so will your charges.

Also, mention the numbers of audience,in your profiles, and set a profile that says everything about your blog,

So that when they see your profile they can ask you to promote their product, based on your niche and audience.

7. Freelancing.

This is the one similar to your work, writing. You will have to write articles for the customers and you will be paid for that.

You can make some extra money by doing this, this can make loads of money if you focus on it.

Many bloggers do freelancing while blogging, to earn some extra money.

Many people make, from $100-$1,000 per articles of 2,000 words, these are the normal freelancers, the experts make a lot of money, $50,000 per month

If also want to make money doing freelancing then, start displaying your best writing work on your main Page,

Create your page in a way that they will choose you for writing works.

You don’t need to charge $1,000 for articles in the beginning, you can charge $100-$500 based on your writing skills

Start with less amount and slowly increase your charges as your writing skills increase

Know your value of writing, and don’t charge a little amount for a whole lot of work and on the other side don’t ask more than the value of your writing.

8. Consultant.

This is also one of the great ways to make money online, there are many bloggers making money by this, and you can too.

In this you should talk with the customer and solve them with their problems.

You can talk to them, on normal call, video call, that depends.

You need to talk to them for a particular period of time and solve their problems.

You will get paid for helping them.

Different types of communications have different chargers.

If you are starting out then charge from $20-$50 an hour, and make sure you give total value to the customer,

The customer should not be unsatisfied and feel that he lost his money and time.

Consult only if you think you can, and charge a fee accordingly,

Start consulting when you think you know much about the topic and help others,

As you become more expert in your field start charging higher, start with $20-$50 an hour and many of them charge $100-$150 an hour who know much in their field.

Why will they consult you?

Because you know many things about a topic and you are capable of help right?

So how will they know you are capable of helping them?

Make your content helpful, filled with loads of value, and build an authority in your niche, so that everyone knows you that you are capable of helping them and you can add value to them.

9. Paid webinars.

Webinars are online live seminars, where you need to teach your audience on a specific topic and provide a lot of value and you will get paid for it.

Also you will be answering their questions and solving problems of your audience

You can make a lot of money by paid webinars, as many bloggers make a healthy income through it.

But how much money do they make?

Many of them charge thousands of dollars but if you are starting out charge 100 dollars,

If you think you are getting lot of people watching your webinars, then increase the price,

And as you become an expert, charge much more, but you should provide value to them.

What do you need to host a webinar?

• The first thing is, you need to build authority in your niche, so that they trust you.

They will join you webinars because they know you are good in your niche and you provide value.

What if you provide a lot of value, but people don’t know about it, would they sign up for your webinars? No.

Build a great authority in a niche by providing great value to your readers and building trust.

• you need to provide value, in any topic you host a webinar, you should figure out, what are you going to solve, what value will you provide.

Example: you want to host a webinar to teach your audience about healthy diet and give tips on eating healthy.

And you teach everything you know about health topics, and your audience needs healthy diets which they enjoy and would help them to be fit.

And you just explained about healthy diets and gave tips and left them with come confusion, without explaining whole things and giving diet plans, will they ever join your webinars again? I don’t think they will.

I know you won’t make this mistake, there are many people who make this mistake and decrease their authority or if they are starting they don’t build authority.

For you to host a webinar on a topic, I suggest you give a lot of time to learn and provide total value to your audience.

• They should know you are hosting webinar, start emailing yours subscribers and many hang out on social media,

Tell them that you are hosting a webinar, which may help them and also highlight benefits they will get by joining your webinar.

• Also you need to set up a good webinar with your provider, but why does this matter? Why can’t I set up a local webinar?

It matters, because if your webinar looks good your audience will stay listening to your webinar, if your webinar doesn’t look good, some people may leave it. ( This doesn’t affect much, but does.)

The thing is with the best setup for your webinar from your provider your webinar will run smoothly and with a great option for you and your audience to chat.

This can affect very much, because if they get stuck in between or if they are not able to chat with you.

They won’t get any value from your webinar right, they can even ask you questions, so it’s good to set up a good webinar with your provider.

Some of the good one are BrightTalk, GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect, webEx and eztalks webinar.

Choose the number webinar provider on the number of people you think will join and also choose a good provider and spend only how much you can not more.


• save the webinar and sell it offline, so that if anyone misses the live, they can enjoy it later.

only if you think that it will work for your audience, even a little thing should not affect your authority.

•You can tell them to use your affiliate links in your webinars, promote products, give them updates, sell courses.

You can even get clients and customers which will help you make more living.

Don’t do a lot of pitching that they feel you are only pitching, just tell them about your products and services only if you think they will get value and if that could solve their problems.

• You can start free webinars at the beginning and provide a lot of value,so the audience will get to know, paying for your webinars is a great investment.

You can get recurring customers joining for your webinars again and again.

• Write a script for your webinars, many people who are known as big authorities also write scripts for their webinars.

Even if you are an expert, writing scripts for your webinar will make it easy for you to do it correctly and you will know which topic when you need to discuss and at what time.

• Practice it before you start your webinar, if they are joining your webinar, this means they are taking their time to watch your webinar.

They are not free to watch your webinar for a long time.

By practicing you will know that, is everything you need to teach written, and how much time will it take, it should take from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

People don’t have much time in their busy life, so try to make it in good time and provide total value.

Note: Don’t charge money for only discussion about your products and services.

Charge only if you provide value and solve problems for your audience and make their life easy.

10. Donation button.

Yes, you can make money from the donation button, you just have to place a donation button on a blog.

Many website has donation button in their websites, some for their profits and some just to help others,

you can place a donation button for anything you like , it can be for you or donating to other funds.

But will how much can be made from the donation button?

It depends on the size of your audience, and even type of your niche, if you have good readers and many readers you can make good money,

If you have little readers, still you can make money, but it cannot be known how much you can make.

Many new bloggers place a donation button on their blog.

This is a great idea for passive income.

Is placing a donation button on your blog the right way to earn money?

You provide free value to your audience and place donation button so that anyone who would want to donate will donate,

you are not asking for anything else but you are asking for giving value to them.

What you need to do is, if you would like to place a donation button from giveWP, you need to download a plugin for WordPress.org and fill the donation form, you will have a donation button on the page.

If you choose any place a donation button from any other plugin, all you need to do is install and copy the code paste on your blog.

( on the place you need it to be shown to your readers)

Don’t place too many donation buttons, your blog should not be filled with donation buttons, you only need a single donation button with the best and specific call to action.

Readers don’t like websites with too many ads and call to actions, the only one thing they want first is valuable content.

So to attract readers, make it simple and available for them, which will work better.


You can make money from your blog, only you need to give your time and little hard work, once you know everything, you will feel easy to do the work.

You need to invest money to earn money so start making money from any of the ways to make money, and start a blog if you have not started.

Not all bloggers are masters here, still they make $100,000 a year, just start and you will learn everything, consistency will help you achieve your goal.

Don’t waste time, and just start applying the ways you want to earn money blogging. I know you can make money with a blog and achieve your goal.